Another Place, Another Time

Come walk with me.

Time to head back.

Walk is over.

Moo to all of you😊


13 responses to “Another Place, Another Time”

  1. That was fun! Great pics, Dwight.

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  2. Nice walk! Rather more rustic and scenic than my regular stroll to Freshco.

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  3. I love these photos, Dwight!

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  4. I loved walking with you! Awesome pictures!

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  5. Just curious, Dwight–did you take us on a walk to Victor?

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    1. Hi Tanja. Yes, just across from Goldfield.

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      1. Thank you, Dwight, I thought the buildings looked familiar. If only they could tell us all their stories in more detail…

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  6. those old homes and barns..drawing them is fun!!

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  7. Lovely pics Dwight
    Sending love to you 💕

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    1. Thank you, Claire. Sending big hugs back🤗

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  8. Loved our walk! Thank you! Mooooo!

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