We can do better

Start Coming Together and Practice Diplomacy.

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

We wonder how our country can be so fucked as we ourselves toss negativity at each other.

We write things like if you watch THIS news channel you’re a complete dumb ass, trying to put others down and to look educated.

The Republicans are xxxx and the Democrats are xxxx!

We’re not the problem, it’s them.

We post and respond with words we’d never say to each other face to face.

We blame this thing or another without looking in the mirror and realizing we are also spreading more division.

Are you guilty of this nonsense ? If so, stop. STOP for gods sake.

Diplomacy is the art and science of maintaining peaceful relationships between nations, groups, or individuals.

Read it again. It includes – Groups. Individuals.

Have we forgotten about diplomacy within our own country? Within our own community? With each other?

When was the last time you told your ego to shut the hell up, breathe, and just listen to someone who had different views then you? When did you even try to understand where others were coming from and what experiences did they have that you didn’t?

I already know someone will say yes yes yes this is all true in the comments, BUT


What can you do to get people to realize we have more in common then what the news and social media sites pushes down our throat trying to divide us, causing more fear, and making more money on US as the product?

When was the last time you asked a political candidate how they would work with all parties and help unite our country instead of how can we push our shit/agenda through just to have it undone when the other party wins? When will this again become honorable to work together?

“IT” won’t get better until you get better at it.

Sacha Jafri, We Rise Together – with the Light of the Moon, 2022 will actually be going to the moon. Click link and check it out😊

7 responses to “We can do better”

  1. so true Dwight…yet it seems the more some of us try to tell others this, the more they push back. I have gotten to the live and let live stage and enveloping and isolating myself out of sheer need for protection. I hate seeing all the negative stuff out there and until i can gather my strength back i intend to cocoon. I dearly hope our world changes for the better but i fear it will take something totally unexpected ( like the internet being shut down for good or maybe a whole new form of utopian government ) for viable change..Peace to you and all:)

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    1. I understand, Lovie. Know I’m wrapping your cocoon with blessings, happiness, and love.

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      1. and i thank you for that:)


  2. It is not just on social media. It is real life – with friends and family. I am on ‘the other side’ A LOT. It is hard to respect each others’ opinions and stay close. We do it – but it is hard. 😧

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    1. Definitely. It’s friends, families, communities, and countries. From Marianne Williams book A return to Love, “We’re like the spokes on a wheel, all radiating out from the same center. If you define us according to our position on the rim, we seem separate and distinct from one another. But if you define us according to our starting point, our source—the center of the wheel—we’re a shared identity. If you dig deep enough into your mind, and deep enough into mine, the picture is the same: at the bottom of it all, what we are is love.” Keep at Anne. Where there is darkness there is fear and confusion. Keep spreading light and our common love.😊


      1. Thank you, Dwight! As I know you do. 💞🤗


  3. I completely agree, Dwight. All of us need to do better.

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