You haven’t lived until you …

You haven’t lived until you’ve got the rush of taking off one big swoop of wallpaper! That’s right!!! Your inside voice is going … come on baby…come on! For those who have done it you completely understand I’m sure.

So yes I’ve started to redo the whole inside of my house. Well actually I’m hiring out most of it, since I’ve done all this crap before with prior houses and rentals and this time I just want it done and each job not stretched out over multiple weekends. I came upon this job when I started prepping for my drywaller. He’s going to apply knockdown on the walls and ceiling, and I had one stretch of paneling I needed to remove. I thought no problem. I take off the first sheet and I’m like ughhhhh….you have to be frickin kidding me. It seems they had wallpaper up and tried to remove it, but gave up. I think what I removed was the backing.

If you go to Mr. Google you’ll find 50 ways to leave your …oops sorry, 50 ways to remove wallpaper all professing their sheer brilliance. Here’s mine. What worked the best was soak (1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar) the shit out of it, soak the shit out of it, and yes one more time soak the shit out of it! I started off using a scoring tool before soaking and realized I didn’t need it and it was jacking up the drywall behind it.

It will most likely still take the rest of year to finish as I’m paying it off each job as I go. No equity loans! I’ll be doing some sweat equity with demo and rip outs. So here’s a list of work.:

  • New tub/shower – Done
  • Popcorn ceilings removed – Done
  • Drywall texturing
  • Painting the whole inside
  • Opening up the entry way between the kitchen and living room by another 4 ft
  • All new vinyl plank floors
  • All new doors including closets
  • New bathroom vanities/mirrors
  • Possibly new dishwasher and kitchen counter top
  • Bonus maybe this year …gas fireplace stove

I won’t be going high end at all. This is a 1,000 sq. ft. home and I’m a minimalist who likes things that serve their purpose, look clean and neat, easy to maintain, and not over the top for my budget. I moved into the house, use to be my rental, after my divorce almost 7 years ago. I didn’t make any improvements during that time as I was paying off debts and eventually this mortgage.

I’m excited to give this little place a redo. It’s time!

Dwight 🦋

10 responses to “You haven’t lived until you …”

  1. I’m excited to watch your progress!

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  2. Wonderful, Dwight!


  3. So exciting!! I can’t wait to see your updates as well! Me and my youngest ( mostly me lol ) re did our bathroom a couple years ago. Took sooooo long however when I was finally done I loved it! I should show ya pictures! Also-I swear my WP is so lagging still. Says you posted this 12hrs ago, I’ve been on a few times today. Anyway first the outside of your house, now inside! Who-hoo!

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  4. So cool! It’s going to look great, but first… a lot of dust (we’re getting someone in today to repair a wall and we’re strategising the dust situ!)

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  5. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    That’s awesome! I can’t wait to watch your progress! We all love a renovation! 🙂

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  6. That’s exciting, Dwight. I hope your remodel will go as smoothly and quickly as possible and you will be happy with the outcome. 🏡

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  7. Enjoy every bit of making it your own! That wallpaper scorer was a lifesaver for me as well as the soaking …good luck! I can’t wait to watch your progress!

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  8. Good times! I hope everything goes well. Can’t wait to see the after pictures. 👍

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