Too much self-__________?

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For me I’m finding there can definitely be too much self-awareness, self-analysis, self-review, self-love, self-forgiveness, self self self….enough already! I can see now all the therapist, counselors, gurus, and preachers yelling “WHAT”! It’s definitely been my go to path these last few years working on improving myself and growing, but over the weekend I just noticed my god it’s way over the top! It’s so ingrained now it’s become rumination. It had gotten to the point every frickin thing I said and did was put under the microscope multiple times a day…by me.

The looking inward served me well up to a point. Like they say too much of one thing is not good. A healthy dose of balance is needed. Looking back it was like I’ve been in therapy for the last few years just rehashing the same old stuff and not exactly improving. I personally am not a fan or interested in being in therapy for years and here I was actually doing it. I had to ask myself is this process I’m following still serving me.

I knew it was time to give it a healthy rest, put it on the shelf, and just let myself take what I’ve learned and go live for a bit. Just coming to this realization has taken a great weight off of me. I’m feeling lighter, freer, and a huge sense of relief. I don’t have to have it ALL figured out. I don’t have to know 100% what my passion or goals are today. I don’t have to hit replay over and over analyzing it this way and that way. As the old reflex twinges inward, I’ve been stopping it in its tracks and saying nope and moving my focus outward and beyond.

I guess I’m practicing all this self-stuff by shutting it down. Now that’s a trip!

Dwight 🦋

14 responses to “Too much self-__________?”

  1. Some people want to be 100% perfect. To do that, they sort of stop living normally and not take any risks, in case it things don’t work out.
    It becomes an obsession with them that nothing adverse will happen to them at all, and they turn into pre-resthome people as a result.
    They might think they will live forever (they wont), but they aren’t really living and they dont experience life to the full. If you talk to these people, you find they haven’t done anything meaningful in their lives, and therefore haven’t got a lot to talk about.
    it’s OK to make mistakes. Constantly getting things right about 90% of the time is OK. Just enjoy life while you are here.

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    1. I dig it! Thank you😊

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  2. I am just seeing this after my Volley check in. Yes, BALANCE! I am learning that too as I explained in check in. ( Not even seeing this before ) We can’t figure every thing out in our brains at once, we can’t do everything at once. Baby steps. #2monthsinmothafucka! 😂😂❤️❤️

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  3. I think you are absolutely right, Dwight. There can be too much navel-gazing and we live in a society where that is held up as some kind of ideal. We all need to figure out the right balance.

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    1. Definitely, thanks Tanja😊

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    2. Hey Tanja. I’m having a hard time commenting on your site. Loved the owl post, just beautiful! Can you check your Comments- Spam folder?

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      1. Sorry to hear that, Dwight. I did find your comment in the spam folder, not sure why. I unspamed you (is that a word?), thanks for letting me know.


  4. My words for the last two years: progress and grace. You’re making progress, Dwight. Be kind to yourself. Self-grace is a good thing.

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  5. I so agree! There is thinking properly about a problem, and then there is rumination, so true.

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  6. I have been thinking the exact same thing. It’s important to know when we need to press stop and get our navels out for a bit of gazing. But it’s just as important to know when enough is enough, it’s time to look up and get on with living our lives! 🥰🥰

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  7. yezzzz… what Claire said!

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  8. Hi Dwight!
    Yes, I am tired of too much self study.
    I’m happiest when I just do things now!
    But then again I’m old, and have read every self help book out there! Lol

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