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When interacting with others:


Take a breath.



Being judgmental is cheap. Any fool can do it.

Barbara Sher

Everyone has a prequel.

6 responses to “Prequel”

  1. I really like this Dwight!!! Prequel….awesome thinking…

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    1. 😊. How you feeling my friend?

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      1. I’m ok. Up and down Dwight, but ok. Still a few kinks to figure out with the heart meds and what I can/can’t do because sometimes I overdo and then pay the price. All in good time I guess. I’m just a bit impatient LOL 🙂

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      2. Hope all is well with you! 🙂

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  2. The more I focus on improving my health and wellbeing, the less I think about what anyone else is or should be doing. It’s not that I don’t care, I just have less inclination to judge how they are living their lives because I am focused on figuring out how I should be living mine. (if that makes any sense)

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