Into The Mystic

It’s three a.m. and I’m up for the day. No need to go back to sleep, but actually excited to rise. Sitting here with coffee, candle, and looking at one flickering star as she smiles down on me. This has always been our time. Such quietness and peace. I’m in sync and not yet confused. Many times I question how I ebb and flow as I go. In these moments though I’m good. I’m full of the mystic dancing inside. I hear and feel the breeze as she sings to me. So beautiful.


10 responses to “Soulmate”

  1. Love this! You are crazzzy for wanting to get up at 3am! 😂😂😂 I was like “Did Dwight just say 3am?” 😂 But seriously, it’s freakin’ awesome and have a kick as day!!! I just blogged about my peaceful Sunday morning as well.

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    1. Damn that was supposed to say kick ASS day. 💫

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      1. Ha! Yes I’m a bit off indeed😜

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  2. I like this post, it reminds of how I used to be. these days I’m busy with teenage kids, family, work, local elections, etc, etc

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  3. That IS beautiful, Dwight, as are your words.
    I hope you can catch up on your lost sleep, though. 😊

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  4. dreamy! i needed this visual- ty!

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  5. 3 am is the most special time of the day. I think so, anyway.


    1. PS As long as the “head” is in a good place!

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  6. It doesn’t happen often, but I was awakened recently at 4am, and decided to stay up. By noon I was questioning whether or not the right choice was made, but that time of morning…there’s nothing else like it. Pure magic! ✨

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