Questions on MOVING FORWARD!

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.

Mark Twain

Where are you at?

For years, years, have you been over analyzing every detail of your past trying to find the holy grail of why you ended up where you are now? Are you dropping drama bombs all around you trying to get everyones attention on how bad you have it and life owes you? Are you waiting for something external to happen so you can move on? Is everything just fine?

How is your life?

Is what you’re currently doing working? Truly working or just a disguise as progress? How many more years of putting up with ______? Do you feel exhausted and fed up? Are you in a maze doing the same thing everyday and ultimately running into dead ends? Are you waiting for the perfect time to change your life? Have you ever questioned some of the rules of life that were dictated to you? Are you suppose to be doing this or living there? Are you behaving the way everyone else wants you to be? Is fear holding you back?

What are you going to do about it?

How can YOU set a new course? What actions can you take now? What beliefs will you finally admit are no longer true? What if you embraced fear as an energy source to MOVE FORWARD?

Photo by Alessandro Erbetta on Unsplash

I believe in you,


13 responses to “Questions on MOVING FORWARD!”

  1. Right on! Right ON! 💯% I decided to take my rest day morning to the hilt. The only thing I have done ( and I’ve been up over 2hrs. ) is get up and make grilled cheese/pepperoni for breakfast. 🤓 🤣 Feels so good and needed. ✔️

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  2. Ha! Jacquelyn, all I’ve done is drink coffee and play games!

    But Dwight, you are right. Keep moving!

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    1. Hey Wendy!! ❤️ That sounds absolutely wonderful! 😃☕️❤️😃☕️❤️ Have an awesome Sunday my friend!!! ❤️

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  3. I tend to be a future thinker. To look at where I am right now and toward where I want to be. Every step in the past brought me to this moment and I’m grateful, but I always strive to be better instead of simply ‘being’. Sunday’s are a good day to just ‘be’ and take a break from thinking. In a few more weeks I can begin playing in the yard and being with nature is grounding and always brings clarity. 💖

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  4. Well, I COULD answer all of those questions individually. But, so as not to write a dissertation (lol) i can sum up each headliner anyway. Where am i at? I am at probably the most peaceful space i have been in my 56 years. How is my life? It is tranquil and slow- moving internally while the external moves at whatever pace it chooses. What am i gonna do about it? Absolutely nothing. Because, one day- a few weeks ago, i woke up and realized that i still have a whole half a life left- free of so many burdens that i carried for so long. There are still so many choices to be had, so much freedom to embrace, and so much more to learn ( with pleasure rather than dread). Life is good, and i’m not handing over this last half to anyone:)

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    1. I’ve read this reply a few times now and each time my heart smiles more and more for you, Lovie. ❤️

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      1. 🙂 thank you! and i know you are doing wonderfully as well!


  5. I really need to think about whether I want to quit my teaching job or stay afraid and put of with it for the rest of my life. SCARY ! 😱😭 thanks for the nudge Dwight 🙂 xxxAnne

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      1. I’m nudging myself too on some things😊


  6. I’m sure glad you believe in me Dwight! There are times when I am all of the above. 🙄

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