1 Week In – Alcohol Free

2-16-19: a new journey began

I’m in 1 week of my happily ever afterness of being sober! Well big whoop many may say..1 week…really?? Well it’s huge for a guy like me who’s been drinking alcohol for 40 years. Yep started dabbling with it at age 13. I grew up in a blue collar town where there was more bars then anything else. In high school we lived the whole sex, drugs, and rock n roll scene. Heck when you came into our front door of our home you were greeted with a 8 stool bar and asked what you drinking?

At 53, it’s just time for ME. I’ve toyed with idea of soberness for years now and I have finally gotten to the point where I’m just DONE with alcohol. More to come on this topic – baby steps just making it public.

In honor of this splendid direction of my life, I present to you a happy sober soul named Dwight David Hyde. Yes, I’m proud of me!!!

Feeling Great👍

17 responses to “1 Week In – Alcohol Free”

    • Thanks Anna – your posts have helped me move forward! Been reading many books on AF and came across the book This Naked Mind which helped me tremendously see through the fog. Also, their site https://www.thisnakedmindcommunity.com is such a wonderful community for me where we can support one another and be around folks who can relate. You are a courageous warrior that motivates me!!!


  1. **hugs** This is monumental, huge, incredible and all kinds of good things. You’re taking care of you – and that is nothing but awesome. I’m proud of you!


  2. I just stopped drinking! I also started a blog and it’s been so liberating to get it out in the universe. I so appreciate you sharing and can relate. Keep up the good work.

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