You can’t buy this

My Mom.

This was taken over a week ago at the airport when I picked her up.

She’s looking directly at me.

Look at all that LOVE.

As tears flow down my cheeks, I’m feeling so grateful for her!

We had a wonderful visit.

Life is not about having things, gaining titles, or winning.

It’s about that smile above❤️

16 responses to “You can’t buy this”

  1. She has a beautiful soul ❤ I just love that look of love, great post and so very true. XOX

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  2. Restyling my life! Avatar
    Restyling my life!

    Yes, you can see that she’s delighted to see you! Really lovely post.

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  3. Yes! Love this! What a wonderful photo of happiness!

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  4. You’re post made me smile. Love it. Thank you.

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  5. Awesome. Sometimes it is those moments of joy that truly sustain us. 🙂

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  6. Love this post so much! Thanks for sharing your mom’s smile with us.

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  7. Sweet tribute. Wonderful post.

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  8. Om Em Gee!!!! I love it! I love her! No, you can’t buy that, and thank heavens – because then it would lose it’s value. I’m SO happy you are getting time with this beautiful heart.

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  9. I thought for a seccond there that I was on the r/mademesmile subreddit! Keep up the good work, man!

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  11. Oh, I remember this post! That look of love is precious and priceless!


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