Words are hard to find you see, so not many comments from me.

A tornado of thoughts though, and a way I fly.

There must be a reason, at least I believe so.

A hand holds us down bringing us to our knees.

Be still and sit in the corner to think of our deeds.

No this isn’t a sin so don’t go there.

An awaking I guess is better to say.

The time is now and you have no choice.

You’ve fallen before. You know this course.

Except this time it’s with everyone else too.

So big it’s hard to comprehend.

All thrown up with one big change.

Together we hunker all on one side like never before.

So we sit.

And we fret.

And make silly comments as we shake from within.

Hoping it will be over soon, so we can go back to before.

But right now there is not a way.

Exhausted enough enough my untamed mind.

I surrender and eventually you too.

We connect to our god, spirit, or guides or just call it the love from inside.

Love holds us tight and we let out a big sigh.

In this space we were meant to be.

To learn is only yet to see.

I’m not sure how we couldn’t..oh how I pray.

Before is no more and that’s more than okay.

So we are paused for another day.

No door to step through just yet.

So not many comments from me, words are hard to find you see.

Surrounding us All with Peace and Love,


Sunday Hug

Pretty raw and scary maybe with no shower, no tidying up, just me on a Sunday morning thinking of you all and this beautiful world and just wanting to do something…something that may help.

So here it is a raw genuine hug full of so much love and reassurance that WE will persevere and become globally united with much love and light for EVERYONE.

One thing we all can do is never stop giving love…never!

Hugs to you all my super heroes❤️

Rise uP🤗


Just a friendly reminder to us all. Take some time this weekend, even if it’s only a couple of minutes, to sit and breath in and out the word “love”. Providing love to ourselves and others has always been our most powerful tool❤️



Womens Forest Trail

I changed it up this past weekend and went on a leisurely hike of the Womens Forest Trail in Divide, Colorado. It’s a 5.1 loop with an elevation gain of 324ft. Just a wonderful hike to reconnect with nature.

When I got home I tried to lookup this women’s club and couldn’t find anything on the web. I put out a post on a local Facebook group and Bonnie Fischel did find this Link on the history of the group, but no mention on the specifics of the creation of this area/trail. While reading about the history, I discovered CFCW was established in 1895. I couldn’t agree more with this last paragraph from the link:

The position of women in society has drastically changed since the beginning of the CFWC. Women’s clubs throughout history have served to provide a place for women to establish common goals and reinforce common values. Together they have facilitated the advancement of women in society and continue to preserve that legacy.”

Here in the United States and a few other countries, the month of March is designated Women’s History Month. It highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. In honor of this not only do I want to thank these forward thinking women for allowing future generations to enjoy this spectacular area, but I also have these two women that I want to celebrate as strong role models in my history and society. The spread of love and compassion is just priceless.. You can read about them from my prior blog posts:

What women would you highlight?



Secret tears

I have a secret. Well I guess it won’t be after posting, but here goes. Not sure what triggered this urge to share other then feeling much love from you all on some comments and the next thing I know this memory pops into my head.

While my daughter was in high school she participated in choir all 4 years. This involved me going to the auditorium twice a year to go see their performances. I indeed did support my daughter, but the thought of dragging myself out of my sanctuary was always a bit of a rub. This was also when I was binge drinking periodically so brews were off the table for those nights. It was also after my divorce, so sitting alone wasn’t something to look forward to. Sometimes I got lucky and my son would join us.

Anyway, I’d go. As the lights dimmed In the auditorium I’d start feeling more relaxed and my nerves would calm. One by one the girls would walk out and line up on the bleacher stand on the stage. I’d closely watch each one enter from the side checking to see if it was my Allie. Once they were ready the choral director would signal to the pianist. There would be a small pause and then the first note struck and then beautiful voices would fill the air.

At that very point each time, my heart and soul would just dance and melt together. It brought me back to my youth like a time warp. As I watched each young soul on stage I thought of their beautiful beautiful beautiful innocence. I heard the sound of love coming from their voices and was just overwhelmed. I’d wonder what would happen to them once they left high school and how would life treat them. Would their dreams come true? Did they have dreams? How was their life up to this point? All these thoughts flowed in my head with again such innocence and wonder in them. What such great potential and love I saw in each one. As their voices sang loud and soft so did I. The walls within me slowly fell away, if only briefly, and I saw the angelical light surround them all.

As I sat and listened in that auditorium, I was thankful for them and that the lights were dimmed. For each time tears would flow down my cheek❤️

Life is so good and so precious,



Imagine if we all tapped into the greatest resource we have on this planet. It’s so basic, but oh so powerful. I often think we over complicate trying to find solutions to humankind issues we are facing, while within all of us we hold the key.

Grow it.

Spread it.


You can’t buy this

My Mom.

This was taken over a week ago at the airport when I picked her up.

She’s looking directly at me.

Look at all that LOVE.

As tears flow down my cheeks, I’m feeling so grateful for her!

We had a wonderful visit.

Life is not about having things, gaining titles, or winning.

It’s about that smile above❤️