Me, Suicide Attempt, and an Emotional Breakdown


So I’m going to talk about a couple of life events that many men who have experienced don’t usually open up about. Most just stoically hide it deeply within multiple layers hoping it will just go away. For me, that only leads to more men thinking they aren’t “man enough” when the depression/I don’t fit in dragon shows up. Many men don’t show or express their fears or emotions with other men. Why you might be asking would I want to? This is my attempt to take a small bite out of this disservice and hopefully inspire others to open up and more importantly to find freedom to JUST BE.

Suicide Attempt

I was 16 years old when I attempted suicide. There had been no horrible event that pushed me nor no problems with my family upbringing. I was just depressed obviously to the point of no longer wanting to live. I didn’t feel like I fit in with everyone else and was just faking it by putting on a smile each day. My self confidence was at an all time low. I’d stop participating in sports and just came home every day and basically went to bed right after dinner. One night I had had enough and took 100 Tylenol pills and laid down to go sleep hoping I’d never have to suffer another day on this earth. As I laid there my heart was beating almost out of my chest. I tried to fall asleep, but it just wouldn’t happen. Something was not going to allow this. Call it God, Spirit, or maybe just my Soul which is the same thing was saying get up. This is all foggy memories but I remember waking my dad and telling him. My mom was working. One memory that stands out is us speeding to the hospital across town and me looking over at my father who had tears running down his cheek and the most love and sorrow in his eyes. Having my own children I now know that truest love.

I got pumped out and set home. The docs and my parents wanted to send me the “funny farm” and being a 16 year old male I’d have none of that. I went to see a shrink a couple of times and it then it was basically dropped and no longer openly discussed. My parents I’m sure walked on egg shells hoping no further attempts would be taken and also doing their best at the time unfortunately rewarded me with a sports car and more freedom then any teen should be allowed. Living in a small town I’m sure most people were aware, but nobody ever brought it up. I basically hid it deep within and started partying like I was in college and no longer cared what people thought of me.

Emotional Breakdown

Fast forward to when I was 51. Recently divorced from the love of my life and my best friend. I won’t speak to much about the divorce since my identity is public and I want to respect my kids and ex. To say it was earth shattering would be a disservice. It was the lowest I’ve been since back at 16. The first year after the divorce I was just numb, going through the emotions, and faking it. Yet again my self confidence and self worth was gone. In my eyes I was the biggest failure on fucking earth. I’ll always remember my young daughter crying and screaming no no! Inside I was doing the same. After the first year of being divorced I couldn’t fake it any longer. All I wanted to do was sleep and escape the pain. One morning I called into work sick, hung up, and then setup an appointment to meet with a counselor. This was via a program my work provided. I knew it was time to ask for help. I was granted a leave of absence of 6 weeks. I saw the counselor weekly, met with a shrink, tried a church, and got a shamanic healing and learned how to journey. I wasn’t healed after 6 weeks, but I was in a better place to start functioning in life again. I’m so thankful for my boss for sticking up for me and supporting me. Interesting enough I didn’t tell my best friends or loved ones. Another stupid male trait.


These experiences I don’t wish on anyone, but I am learning how to grow from them. Empathy has become a very prominent part of my living. I’ve gotten closer to my kids too. I had to tell them about my suicide attempt when they were teens just because of my past. That was one of the hardest things to do. I was taught dads should be strong and invincible. I don’t really know how to wrap this up and really I don’t want to wrap it up right? That’s what us males do so well. I know I just touched on suicide and depression but it’s a continued start of me being vulnerable and free. The only way to grow is to hold your breath, be vulnerable, and release your breath. It’s sent out and what I know is Love comes gushing in❤️

If anyone wants to talk more about these topics privately you can email me at

Sending love to all of you,


14 responses to “Me, Suicide Attempt, and an Emotional Breakdown”

  1. Dwight, I love your blog, I love your strength and your vulnerability, and your willingness to be yourself and always strive to be better as well, and I feel so lucky that you are here and that I and others get to read your honest words. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being a wonderful male role model in your constant non-judgemental kindness and support of others in their own personal journeys… It’s nice that you show your real self because anyone can see you are a “manly man,” meanwhile you are also compassionate and generous in spirit. Which hopefully becomes the norm for manly men (and of course for womanly women, and manly women, and womanly men… and anyone else, for that matter; but perhaps most of all, in our current era, for manly men). Anyway… thanks for being you. ❤️:)

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    1. Than you so much Nadine🤗

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  2. Thank you SO much for showing so much courage and posting this, I am sending you a big hug for having the guts ❤ I found out the other day that in my country in the last year we have had over 650 people take their own lives and 73% of these were males. That absolutely breaks my heart as we are a country were it is viewed that the males who appear tough and strong seem to have higher stature and that is just not right. I have been so blessed to watch your journey and have witnessed you working so hard to not only help yourself but also others I am so proud of you. XOX


    1. This means so much FG! It’s so wonderful us all growing together and supporting each other in this space. Thank you🤗


  3. You are a strong and respectful man Dwigh but most of all brave!
    It’s not for everyone to learn from the past and work on themselves as you did and still doing.💗


    1. Thank you, Sabina, for your kind words and support🤗

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      1. You deserve it all.sincerely😀


  4. Thank you so much for sharing, Dwight!
    Men are vulnerable and we forget that!
    I know my husband tries to keep his inside, except his love for me.

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  5. Wow! Dwight, thank you so much for sharing! You are very brave!

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    1. All I know is I’m liking myself more each day and am grateful for the journey I’m on. The paths can be trippy but the growth is amazing. I’ve read many men have to have a major “fall” to move away from ego and move closer to our soul. Thank you for your support🤗

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      1. I am very happy for you


  6. Honest, open post there Dwight. Must have taken a lot to open up. Yep, us blokes sure have a problem opening up. I do volunteer work with a charity that aims to support those feeling suicidal but the depressing thing is that three quarters of all suicides in the UK are men and the trend last year was up. Getting men to open up more and to not see that as a failing is a work in progress. You’re a great model though.


  7. I’m grateful for your openness and your vulnerability, Dwight. You are not alone. And I think it’s good to open the “channel” so others can reflect on those societal messages they have received that are so isolating.


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