Went to see my therapist

As usual, I left being at peace with myself.

9 responses to “Went to see my therapist”

  1. That’s mine, too!

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  2. Happy fall to you, Dwight! 🍁

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  3. What a mighty fine looking therapist ❤

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  4. Does he take insurance? Lol.

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  5. Oh, I love your therapist! Having locked myself out of houses TWICE in the last week, it is my understanding that the universe is kicking me in the pants to see my therapist a bit more often. I’m trying, but man… the heat and I are still not friends.

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  6. Love… thanks for sharing your wonderful therapist (and self :)) with us.

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  7. The woods is a close tie with the motorcycle for therapeutic excellence

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    1. Indeed. I use to have a dual sport KLR650. Great times👍

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      1. I hope you get another bike!


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