Comfort vs ?

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How long have you shied away from discomfort?

Years? Decades?

Comfort is safe. It’s warm. It’s “controlled”. It”s easy.

But is it living?

What direction would your life go if you leaned into and broke through some discomfort?

14 responses to “Comfort vs ?”

  1. It took the first 40 yeRs of my life to accept to be comfortable with my discomfort

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    1. You’re a faster learner then me, Ortensia😀. Glad we’re figuring it out.

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  2. 49 years … when I first went scuba diving. That picture makes my toes tingle!!

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    1. Now that does sound scary but way exciting. I just love your comments. I get such a visual of you😊

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      1. Thanks! Hope it’s a good visual! 😳


  3. I’m right there – back in school, instead of pulling the covers over my head. *sigh*

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    1. Me bed is indeed my run and hide magnet. Good luck on your tests and this weekend, Liz. You are definitely leaning into discomfort. I like to think of my tribe here as misfit cape crusaders putting on our capes each morning facing whatever life sends at us with much “internal noise” flying between our ears…but soldiering on despite it. That’s courage🤗

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  4. Lean into the learning curve. Good questions.

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    1. Go for it! Start on here👍

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  5. To be honest: I would be happy.

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    1. Me too, Kacha😊. Slow, steady, and lean.

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  6. I’m not a fan of discomfort 😭 yet I know it’s going to be the key… nice reminder Dwight. 🙂

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