Finding our new self

In the last two days, I’ve come across the reference to the Greek myth of labyrinth and the Minotaur. Once in the book Callings, Finding and Following an Authentic Life by Gregg Levoy and a blog entry here on WordPress by Kachaiweb – Food.for.Thoughts. Now this isn’t something that usually happens to me coming across Greek myths.

It’s a story of Theseus slaying a beast in an underground labyrinth, and guiding himself out by a length of thread given to him by the king’s daughter, Ariadne. Allison Stieger wrote a wonderful article on this where I found the quote above:

As Allison says, “Monsters are often the guardians of treasure, who must be slain in order to bring the treasure out. In a creative journey, we must often find our way through a labyrinth. We take wrong turns, hit walls, get lost. Often, this is what must happen to find the creative treasure at the center of ourselves, that one thing that must be brought into the world through our creative efforts.

I know for myself and for many of you we feel like everyday we’re fighting a battle within. Many times the path ahead seems dark and bleak and we’re very much scared that if we go deeper we may not be able to return. I feel like these references pointing me back to this myth is indeed a sign to remind myself and you to keep finding the courage to take another step in our own labyrinth. This journey is so worth the rewards of finding our true self.

You are a treasure worth battling for,


7 responses to “Finding our new self”

  1. The labyrinth of life, of the soul, of love it can all be beautiful until you meet the monster. This ‘monster’ is also an inspiring concept
    veryone has his or hers path to travel but when you find your thread not to lose sight, it can be comforting. I really like how you describe the labyrinth as something fun, to take a wrong turn, to bump into something is actually part of the road, isn’t it?
    Thank you very much for the link to my post but foremost thank you for your inspiring words!

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    1. Ai, I lost the letter ‘E’ in the labyrinth. Everyone ….


  2. Oh wow… this is really helpful and inspiring… and I have a lot of work to do in my labyrinth. Would be cool if a bunch of us could have some kind of “navigating your labyrinth” group talk or something. #randomthoughts
    Thanks Dwight for sharing this xoxo

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  3. As are you, my friend. Maybe this is the kick I need to keep moving instead of collapsing into bed.

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  4. Oh, this is so beautiful! I love mythical stories and I love the metaphor of the labyrinth. This is truly the human story, isn’t it. That mystical journey back to center. I love this reflection, and I want to share it on my Saturday blog if that’s okay with you.

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  5. In Italy we studied Greek,Egyptian and Latin mythology since primary and I ve always been fascinated and still am, now I ve expanded my knowledge to the Celtics as well.
    We still have lots to learn from the ancients 😀have a good day my friend


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