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Today was my hanging of the lights day. This was the first time in so many years, I can’t even remember, that I didn’t swill like a 100 beers afterwards to keep me in the holiday spirit. I’m full of gratefulness and plenty of love from you all that helps me fly solo without alcohol. I was reminded this morning though that this is indeed not always a joyous time of year for many.

My good friend Functioningguzzler posted today, Christmas is not festive for everyone. If your not familiar with FG please read her post and follow. Also, please send her love in the comments on her post. We have so much love in our community here and right now FG needs it.


11 responses to “Give Love”

  1. Dwight your lights look awesome! And I’m so proud of you!! Congrats! Big hugs to you!!♥ Now I’ll stop over to your friend’s blog too. We all need love and support, especially during the holidays.

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    1. Big hugs back to you, Janie🤗. Thank you.

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  2. Wow lights on an outside tree and snow on the ground 😍. Nice.
    Thoughtful sentiments for the coming holidays.
    Got the tree out of the garage today, plan to put up the Christmas tree today.

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    1. Thanks Limetwiste. Enjoy your tree😊

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      1. My tree is up, lights on. Enjoying the results. Just discovered the button to control the light flashing speed.

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  3. Is that actually your tree? That is beautiful, I love it. Thank you for your love and support 🙂 it’s okay I’m fine and feeling quite festive, putting a tree up and having the beautiful lights going is so pretty and makes me happy. xox

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    1. Hey FG❤️. Yep that’s my tree. My neighbor, I call her Buddha Pat,yelled at me for me for hanging the lights alone on a tall ladder. I told her at least this year it wasn’t windy😀. I enjoy looking at the tree lights too.

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      1. Hahaha glad to hear there is someone around to kick your butt for hanging them alone because that is not a little tree.

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      2. She called me a rebel without a clue. I told her I’d have to write that one down😂


  4. Just read her latest post Dwight, how inspiring.thanks fir sharing.
    I always pack boxes for disadvantaged kids with my girls for Christmas and made them pick something to put in it that 5ey would have liked for themselves as they need to learn to share and give, but here we go every Christmas after we go back to school there is always some kids who has received some huge mega expensive present and I go mad because I always think at the fact that Santa might not afford what we do in some other houses so Santa s present should not be a big deal….those in case are for parents and grandparents.
    Sorry fir the rant🙄


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