Snowman in the cemetery

6 responses to “Snowman”

  1. HIs time is brief and his life truly does drip away. An interesting juxtaposition to the graveyard.

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  2. I’ve just knitted the same scarf! We don’t have snow here (anymore) I sometimes do miss it. Thank you for sharing a winter scene. I think graveyards are very peacefully and the snow fits perfect with that tranquility. The snowman makes it somewhat joyful as I imagine it being made with someone in great spirits.

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  3. Beautiful end of winter scene, with sunshine gleam, that through trees beams. I just saw our first rose budding today.

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  4. We are only here for a short time, it’s the memories we leave that make the memories they share and imprint whatever we leave that stay for as long as we are remembered.

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  5. love this!!! he is like a visitor in this eccentric little scene!

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