Loving your Child through Addiction by Lara Frazier


I don’t usually share other blogger’s posts, but after reading this I knew this message must be shared. Please read this entry by Lara Frazier.

An Open Letter to Parents on Loving your Child through Addiction

6 responses to “Loving your Child through Addiction by Lara Frazier”

  1. wow..that is powerful stuff, right there. I know i sound like a broken record sometimes on here, but being in the artist community, this type of story isn’t unusual.It’s just that the ending isn’t always as positive. I have watched both happen over the past 10 years in good ole York , pa which has one of the highest opiod addiction rates around. Most of the young people get addicted to heroin and/or adder all. In fact, i personally know a few street dealers of the latter( and they are now paying for their crimes) . It sucks. But i am always happy when i hear about someones parents who stayed the course. I cannot say i could have been as strong.Thanks Dwight.

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    1. I just can’t even imagine what a living hell this is for both child and parents. Such a horrible disease! I can’t help but feel as a society we have failed to address addiction. The shitty part is I have no answers. Thank you for reading❤️

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  2. I’ve cried twice today which is pretty unusual for me these days. The first time I cried was for me, purely because I had a shitty day and then got rejected for a job and the second time was reading this letter. I won’t go into major details but I’m the parent of an addict too, and there’s a lot here that resonates with me. But I rarely cry these days because actually, I have hope, and I didn’t always have that.

    Thank you for posting this! X


    1. Wrapping you and your child in so much love, Allane🤗. Hope and faith in love never fails is very good❤️


      1. Thank you Dwight x We’ve come a long way in the last 10 years. I’m proud of him and have never stopped loving him.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this Dwight. Oh my goodness…heartwarming, heartbreaking and yet inspiring…I love honesty. I am grateful she’s ok…


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