Bought a toy today

Woke up this morning and decided with my tax return that instead of being responsible and boring and paying down my mortgage that I’d say fuck it and have some fun this year.

It’s a pretty small bike and taps out at 55mph, but the fun is in the size of the tires and heading out on all the mountain dirt roads around me. This is one of my steps this year to start enjoying a hobby. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of this and some neat mountain pictures this spring.



30 thoughts on “Bought a toy today

  1. OMG!!!! How did I miss this one? this is just fab. I also love this fuck it writing style!

    Sidenote: someone recently liked an older post of mine, and that made me revisit old posts, where I just had fun with language, and/or using my true voice, regardless of likes. It helped me remember to give less shits about trying to please the masses (that impossible task).

    Ride on, beautiful man! You set such a great example of being your true self while remaining incredibly supportive of others. 🤗 ❤️

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  2. Well done Dwight. Me and husband miss terribly the motorbike since he sold it ,it gives a feeling of freedom and connection with everything that surrounds that is unique. Enjoy it my friend


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