LAFUN on a Friday Night!

Friday night funness. My son Bob and I decided after going out for dinner to head down the mountain to Colorado Springs. I wanted to get some pics of some of the old motel neon signs for the longest time. I’m glad he came because a few of the places were a bit sketchy. People peaking out their curtains wondering what the heck we’re doing😄. We had a good time and also found some extra bonuses along the way.

Hope everyone is doing well😊

Sending peace and love,


Happy Wednesday!

Just got done looking up what 💯 meant. Seriously, I do this all day long. And who frickin knew there’s like a billion heart emoji’s for all different flavors of love? I’m old school and just stick to the basics usually, but I may try to adventure out into this crazy emoji world. Please give me the benefit of the doubt if I mess it up. Hope you have a great day my super heroes!


Dwight (Bamm!!)

It’s a beautiful day! Let me show you around my hood.

Okay before we hit it you got to get your tunes on. Play that funky music.
My humble abode. The Love House.
This has been sitting for at least 5 years. It speaks to me…buy me…let’s go on an adventure.
Peace Baby!
This is Chris’s 1971 VW Bus. Just met him when I was out on the street taking photos. He invited me in for closer shots. Guys love talking about their toys. ✌️❤️
At one time this was the Maytag family summer mountain home.
Cute summer rental.
Town park. What a view, eh?
Dedication to my dad. We called him The Old Dog.😊
Neat mural.
Back in the day the old drive inn was here. Not sure if you can make out the snack bar.
How fun.
Big ass hill that always kicks my ass!
Looks like a cozy place to write or read books all weekend.
I dig it!
Yes, I like old vehicles.😁
On the home stretch…
Always nice to be welcomed home with one of the loves of my life – Mr. B … BoBo … Bubbee … Boris❤️

Hope you enjoyed the walk,


Still giggling

Step out the door of the school bus

Tell Andy goodbye

Run inside change into my play clothes

The jeans with patches on the knees

Run out to the woods to play with my friends

Shut the computer off

Change into my biking shorts

Load the bike into the truck

Off to Lovell Gulch to go ride

At 54, I still get that excited

Got to get out there

Riding on the trail I smell the wet leaves

The sun shine through the trees

And I giggle like hell!

Send peace and joy,


Photos along the way

Getting off the highway

This post is dedicated to my friend Anne Marie. Check out her blog at She’s a beautiful soul and I enjoy reading about what’s happening in her life😊

Well I finally got around to stop and takes some pictures while out on my motorcycle. Here you go:

Beautiful spot to hang out

Cripple Creek, Colorado

Old gold mining

Old train car

Hope you all have a great week!



Fun vanlife video

Hey my friends,

Just going to keep it light and share this video with you all. I’m doing well and just getting a bit quiet I guess. It’s a good thing. Sending out big loving vibes and hugs to you all.

Here’s some entertainment with a good message and vibe. Chrome lives in a van with his bulldog Cruz. They hang near Vancouver, Canada but travel all over. I get a lot of joy subscribing to his channel and thought some of you might too.



Click on image to view video. If that doesn’t work go to YouTube and search for Vancity Vanlife. Video title is Living in solitude allows you time to get to know who you are.

Bought a toy today

Woke up this morning and decided with my tax return that instead of being responsible and boring and paying down my mortgage that I’d say fuck it and have some fun this year.

It’s a pretty small bike and taps out at 55mph, but the fun is in the size of the tires and heading out on all the mountain dirt roads around me. This is one of my steps this year to start enjoying a hobby. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of this and some neat mountain pictures this spring.