Went outside today to sit on my porch and enjoy the sun and had the experience above. Was a total flashback of me in the early 80s. No internet, video games, or mobile phones. With all that’s going on right now, I got a good vibe that just maybe we might slow down a bit and start “living” instead of buying, doing, and super sizing. It made me smile especially the t-shirt😎


20 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. You are so right. I’m quite enjoying the pace of life and I certainly don’t miss not going to pubs, restaurants or bars. Though I’d lost my interest in that when I gave up booze. I wish my boys would get outside more and find other hobbies than the Xbox or you tube!! Good to read a post from you Dwight my friend xxx

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    • Hey Claire – maybe you all can go out for some walks? I think I was given a gift of not growing up with all this technology. I had to use my imagination and creativity on finding things to do …but it was never hard. Remember my mom pinning a towel to the back of my shirt and for the rest of the day I was Batman …that just made me giggle🤪. Maybe we can all find a better balance. Take care my friend and put on a cape if things get to bad. Can you imagine the look on your boys faces? Mom has lost it🤣

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      • Today we walked past hop scotch chalked into the pavement. It really took me back. My boys just couldn’t believe I’d play hop, skip and jumping for hours and loved it. Sad for them that those simple activities don’t hold the same joy that they did for us! X

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  2. Oh wow – that’s utterly cool. I was just thinking about hitting the skating rink last night – how we’d just roll around in circles for hours… I absolutely miss that, and riding a bike (before helmets!) and so on. Right now it’s just keeping up with classwork and sending love and hugs through to everyone. I really have hope we come through this as a kinder place.


  3. Hey Dwight. Hope you’re well. I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Leibster award…see my post. It’s a fun way to learn about other bloggers and to let other people discover your blog. ❤️

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