Lung Buster

KINDA went on a mountain bike ride today with my son Bob. It had been a couple years since we last road and both of us were pumped to get out in this beautiful weather and the woods. The ride is called Little Scraggy Loop. A harmless name for a 12 mile loop. Sounds perfect.

Well. Well hell. Yep. Ohhhhh my. We started on a hill and this extra weight I’m carrying and all my good motivation seemed to not help at all. Weird. I knew I was in trouble immediately as I had to get off my bike for the first of many walking the bike up parts. I was still determined after I hacked out my first lung. Got two, right. As I struggled good lookin fit people wizzed by tossing encouragement. To be honest evil Dwight felt like flipping them off. I know I know they meant well. So I huffed. I puffed. And lost my second lung. Little fricker deserted me. I couldn’t go any further after 1 mile. Yep only one mile I made it and had to do the turnaround of shame on de frickin Little Big Ass Scraggy Shitty Loop. Ughhhhh!

My son was fine and he was more then kind. He said no prob we’ll try again at the end of the summer. I thought I better get my shit together folks. I mean like really together. Like packed in a suitcase next to me shit together. You’re waiting for the silver lining right? For god sake it’s Sunday you’re saying … you can’t have us feeling all bad going into a work week. Hmm well..

I gave it my first attempt. I got the fuck out of my house, out of my mind, but most importantly I was with my beautiful son BOB. We laughed, bonded, and had great conversations.

Life is good my friends. Sending all my love and support to each one of you❤️



* Yes that’s duck tape on my seat. 1990 baby. Rode like a Cadillac when I bought it. Old school😊😎🤪

27 thoughts on “Lung Buster

  1. uuuuurghhhh I can FEEL the treacherous hills just in the name “Little Scraggy Loop” 🙂 Nasty little innocent seeming trickster of a name, that is !!! But yes, you got out and did it and spent time with your son and now have an awesome challenge for the summer ! I’m awful at biking: I hate puffing uphill, I get scared going downhill, and bored when it’s flat, so big respect to you!!! 🙂 (ps. don’t tell anyone but Evil Anne definitely would have secretly flipped off the nice encouraging bikers… mind your own business !!! hehehhe) 🙂 xxxxx sending motivation and hugs xxx Anne

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  2. Congratulations to you for getting out there and taking it on, and spending time with your sun.That’s the beauty in it! You are awesome. 👍🏻💕

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  3. good for you Dwight….breaking the chains of and reclaiming life…mucho inspiration..monday starts my walking again…and looking out for the gyms to re open:) congrats!! ya got ta move it move it….lol

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  4. Brilliant job Dwight. The success is in the spending time with you son and getting out there. Who cares about the actual biking bit 😂. There would definitely have been some choice words whispered under my breath in response to well meaning fit and friendly bikers. I won’t degrade your post with them though. Much love 💕 xx Claire xx

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  5. Ah I love this post so much. Love your voice.

    Loved the part where you said “they meant well but…” Lol.

    Reminded me of when I was asked to play in some team sport with my hubs’s work friends. I am useless at those kind of things. The main sales guy kept encouraging me (come on champ, you can do it, come on, come on, keep your eye on the ball blah blah) and it just made me want to hide and cry. 😂 But I knew he meant well. ;)) 😉🖕🐦

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