Keep going

I was in ah as I saw this tree that somehow against all odds it grew out of these boulders. I’ve heard repeatedly how we can learn so much from nature and as I get older I truly believe it.

Just sit and look at the tree. Think about all that needed to happen to make it reach it’s potential. Each day instead of giving up and thinking what’s the use or I’m hopeless, it chose to just focus on growing. Reaching in both directions. Deep down within expanding its roots. Also, up and out externally stretching it’s limbs. Each direction learning what’s working and what’s not working. Getting wiser each time. Maybe in the beginning the other trees didn’t notice. Maybe they said you’re crazy. You’ll never make it. There was something about this tree that wouldn’t give up. Within was a knowing it had to give it 100% plus and keep that faith.

I may not know what your circumstances are or what within you that you are striving for, but I can say remember this tree when you have a bad day, miss the mark, and feel like quitting. Shake it off, keep looking up, and keep growing. Eventually that hard work will pay off.

This philosophy has helped me through debt, depression, heartbreak, and getting sober.

✌️ Dwight

10 responses to “Keep going”

  1. Keep going, Keep growing, Keeping knowing that you will succeed eventually.

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  2. That’s really awesome. Keep going is definitely my mantra for 2020. 🤗

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    1. Oh and yes!! Be the tree 😊

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  3. Dwight this is a wonderful post! Having always been one for animals trees are filling me with awe a lot these days too! 💞💞

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    1. Excellent, thank you💕


  4. Just a lovely post! I absolutely love how you described the tree with its roots and limbs! Never thought of it that way! 🌳


  5. i love this….its what i needed today…and on many days really…thank you!

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  6. ❤ thank you Dwight ! xxx Anne

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