You are NOT your past

Sunday motivational video.

I know sometimes these links don’t work. If that’s the case go to YouTube and search: Joe Rogan motivational video be a hero.

Show up for this beautiful life,


8 responses to “You are NOT your past”

  1. Love it! Just how I am feeling right now Dwight. Thanks for the share ❤️❤️

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    1. Glad you liked it. A bit longer version then I shared with you on your post. So many bits of truth in this. I know many times we incorrectly choose comfort over freedom.

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  2. Good video, Dwight! Things we know but need to be reminded:)

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    1. Definitely! Thanks so much for watching and commenting, Becky. I’m always interested in how others view things. 😊

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  3. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    This is great. I needed to listen to it yesterday, and then again today…probably every day. Thank you for sharing.💕

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    1. I’m right there with you 😀

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  4. Thanks for the motivation! Joe Rogan has some good interviews, very down to earth, no BS.

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  5. Such a great video reminder! 🙂

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