You (2)

You have the answers

Though you think they are out somewhere

You wait

Waiting for stars to align

Angels to sing

Light to cast down

It’s coming

Or maybe it’s in that next book

With a bonus guide for only $199.99

Looking out



While tiring inside

You sink back and sigh


Why does this have to be so hard


Compared to soft

Compared to flow

From within, to out, and back to you

A freedom crying out

Enough of this hell

This doesn’t have to be so complicated

A start over

But this time it’s part 2 and you make the rules

No longer the past dragging you down

Nor the future whispering fears

Toss them overboard

For NOW is the only reality

The blindfold is removed and love surrounds you

You realize you are the way

You were intended here

As a needed seed built to grow and shine

New maps can be made

It’s time to set sail!

YOU can always change,


14 responses to “You (2)”

  1. thank you Dwight ❤ I opened wordpress hoping to find strength "outside" of me, and your poem paradoxically 1) gave me strength 2) reminded me to find strength inside. THANK YOU ❤

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    1. Good luck … thinking of you Anne. Xxx

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    2. Good good good, big hugs Anne

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  2. This is so true and beautifully written thank you x

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  3. Really beautiful Dwight. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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    1. Thanks for your support, Claire

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  4. Lovely. You are always so encouraging. Thanks, Dwight! ❤️

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    1. Gotta keep feeding that fire😊👍

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  5. Dwight…. wow. You rock! This is so super inspiring. Love.

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