Debt 1: Debt and peace

Can you have debt and peace?

Believe it or not this blog started off as a debt blog. I was divorced with a debt of $35,500. I had come across other debt bloggers and found much knowledge and support from their posts, so I took the plunge and started blogging here. The interesting thing though about all this is if you go way back to my early posts you won’t find many on debt. You see this blog started with me being anonymous. I was probably 5 to 10 posts in blogging about debt, and then like many I discovered my heart and soul was gaining courage and they had a few things to say too. On one eventful night, I took the plunge, removed my mask, changed the blog to a “Life Blog”, and in the process DELETED most of the blog entries on my personal debt!

Why you may ask? I was embarrassed by it. The blog now had my real name and even a picture of me. My goodness what would happen if people found out who knew me? You’re probably chuckling after all the “real personal shit” I have since posted. You need to understand though this was over 4 years ago and I was very green about the benefits of being vulnerable and sharing. I wish I had never deleted them now, obviously. It would of been neat to see where I was during those raw moment of my life. Live and learn as they say.

One question I wish I had asked with each new debt was will this bring me peace? Unfortunately, I realize back then I know what the answer would of been. It would of been either well sure it does, OR frick off I don’t have time to think about peace I’ve got living to do! Big sigh. My debt started with college, for that was what you were to do, so I did my part and played along. Then the good job came and a BIG house was needed as dictated in the next part of the song. Buy the biggest you can afford they sang with a 30 year mortgage, you’ll grow into us. And growing I did. New cars were needed to fill the 2 car garage and with the 3,300 sq ft furniture was needed. Why wait like your parents did and purchase mostly with cash. No problem you now have good credit. Credit is your friend?

So as as the years passed by I kept biggering and so did the debt. I was living the good life so THEY say. Yes, there was some discomforts felt that within this didn’t feel completely right or even good at times, so a bit of action was put in place. Dave Ramsey’s book Financial Peace entered my life, budgets were drawn up, and beans and rice were bought for dinner. Total debt removal was the plan. The problem with plans and actions is you must act. Pull the trigger, live it. Well this other guy also came into the scene named Robert Kiyosaki with his book Rich Dad,Poor Dad. I didn’t want be poor dad, so I said goodbye to old Dave.

I never thought I would ever be a landlord, but at one time I had three houses I “owned” and was renting out. There were home equity loans here and there with credit cards maxed out due to remodeling them and getting them up to snuff. Also I was selling and moving into homes for me and my family along the way. Fixing them up, getting bored, and moving again. Each time going more in debt, but not to worry because I now had investments.

Well, as many of you know, this story didn’t end well. I was divorced in 2015, $35,500 in debt as this story began, had to let go of the big house. I moved into one of our rentals. The ex moved into the other rental. And to top it off they are located one house apart from each other. KARMA. Ha.

Well that’s a good intro to my debt. Have I learned anything from it and do I have any advice? Yes and will share in future posts. In closing, I’m back following Dave. It just works better for me. And just like getting out of the fog from alcohol for me, getting out of debt has brought me peace.  Ironically I got sober and paid of that debt both in the same year – 2019.

It will bring you peace, too. You can remove debt from your life.

More to come,


25 responses to “Debt 1: Debt and peace”

  1. THIS is a topic i can really sink my teeth into. I actually read each word, whereas i usually skim on the longer blog posts( from any blogger) and focus on the one or two things that speak to me or stand out.Good Lord- is there any end to the similarities we share? some point you may start thinking i am a stalker or the woman from Single White, i assure you -it is just irony. I am pretty sure most on here haven’t gone back and read a bunch of my earliest posts but i have delved into some of the same stuff in my own life- with debt and the mind set, etc. Fortunately, I have 2 other blogs that i started early on so i have one that i go back and read from when i made many financial changes, as well as one that tracked my recovery and sobriety from day one.Both have been invaluable to me and are now private so i can feel free to write whatever.) I followed Mr. Ramsey for a bit , although i only implemented a few things. My daughter and her husband are avid followers of his advice and have done very well. I usually refer people to his stuff if they ask for something general like “How do i get out of debt?”I’ve never heard of the other ( rich dad, poor dad) but i did find several other persons of authority/bloggers and valuable books over the years. One was a blog called something like “eating on a dollar a day”- it was pretty awesome. It is now a best selling book and the blog doesn’t have all the original posts( sad face)…there were many books too about frugal living, and some about guerilla tactics for cleaning up bad credit, etc. Anyway-stopping now because this is becoming a blog post in itself..hehe- looking forward to these- thanks Dwight!

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    1. So excited you could relate, Lovie : ) Indeed, interesting how our paths have had the same “funness” along the way. I’m looking forward to diving back into this topic and hopefully encouraging others to tackle the debt now and don’t wait.

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      1. btw…i just went back again to some of my old posts..probably before most of my current blogger freinds were even on here and ran across one of my related posts..maybe find some inspiration here or just read my story about financial recovery. I had a them going back when i was focused and writing better ( 10 steps in all) and this was one of them

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      2. This will help so many. I’d like to include this link in my Debt 3 post.

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      3.’s a long read though..feel free to edit and/or do exerpts as u see fit:)


  2. Oh my, I cant imagine living one house down from an ex 😫. 2019 sounds like an amazing year for you congratulations on with achievements ♡

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  3. This is really interesting Dwight and I am so glad you found your way out of it. Rock on 2019! Two doors down from the ex sounds challenging though ❤️❤️

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    1. It wasn’t bad when the kids were still high school, but now…probably would be more healthier if it wasn’t the case.

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      1. I can see the practical positives in that actually. I might get on better with my husband if he was living two doors away 😂
        Would be good of you could move away from it now though. Still, you survived this long and you are a tough dude 💕

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  4. Yikes. My ex moved far away and I think that has really helped my metal health. 2 doors down? No.

    I got divorced with no debt, except the mortgage on our house, which I kept. I find I have significantly more Money now, even with only my salary. My ex and I both brought in big incomes, yet we never had money…hmmm

    Perhaps that’s one blessing of covid. Less travelling, more saving.


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  5. Woe, Dwight this post shows how you managed to look into yourself and find your truthful and peaceful you . It was a hell of a job you made it and now you can inspire and help so many people. You should look in the mirror every morning and be the proudest of the men💗

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  6. Good for you, Dwight, for facing your demons and debts and for kicking both of them. And for not being afraid to share your experiences with others, so that we might benefit.
    All the best,

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  7. Awesome post, Dwight. I have no experience as an investor or landlord, but moving to the US got me into $6000 debt and I remember how easy it would have been to let that number creep up to a more problematic scale. Sobriety was a huge part in helping me not only pay off those 6000$ but also save $6000 more, which got me through this last summer, where I had to go several months without pay due to my scholarship funding coming to an end. ALSO big respect for turning an anonymous blog into an aligned, open blog. I’m not quite there yet, and I measure how important and big of a leap that is. Sending love xxx ❤ xxx Anne

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    1. Thanks so much Anne for your kind words. You are so wise keeping a good handle on debt! Believe me😊

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      1. lol well I just had to borrow $3000 from my parents 🙂 So it’s a whole other (moral) debt that’s opening up now 🙂

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      2. Oh, believe me I get the moral debt as you’ll hear about in Debt post 3.

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      3. 🙂 can’t wait lolol 🙂


  8. Hi Dwight! As you know my husband and I just got done reading Dave’s book! I super look up to you for following it and it’s really inspiring to actually know someone who has done it and all the benefits it brings!! You are awesome! Thanks for being, YOU!


    1. Ps- I often wonder if starting his plan would be wiser when my 16 yr old daughter is out of school and off to college, trade school, the workforce or whatever path she chooses. Seems much more manageable if it was just the hubby and I all in. I have taken key points from his book and implemented them into our lives. Ex: Christmas gifts will be paid for using all the stuff I have been selling that we don’t need anymore. 👍🏻

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      1. Hi Jackie! That’s wonderful you and your husband read the book and are starting to use some of the key points. My main regret was I never got real serious until after my divorce. Keep it up. I should have another post on it coming up soon.

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  9. You are inspiring Dwight! I love how you’ve allowed your wisdom from your experiences to help others through blogging….good for you! I’m so glad we’ve connected!


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