Write it down they say!

Put pen to paper. It will keep you focused and on track. Express yourself. What you’re looking at is a workout journal, food journal, “journal” journal, and even creative doodle journal. Yes, I do go overboard at times. Occasionally I actually use them somewhat consistently for a few days, maybe a week, and then the next entries will be a month to two out. Are you frickin tired of writing and never doing? Yes, yes I know I’ve got many issues but today I don’t want to be schooled on them.

Do you ever just want fling all your “shit” off the god damn table and scream ENOUGH?

What would you do if you did? What comes to mind for you?

Took this picture driving the backroads in the Spring…

Here’s mine. I’d start the day with a big old greasy breakfast of bacon, eggs, and home fries,..and maybe 3 cups of plain old black coffee. Next I’d gather my 3 dogs and jump into an old pickup and spend the day driving and mending cattle fences all day enjoying the physical work and the outdoors. I can see the rolling acres now and a big smile on my face…

What would your throw your shit on the floor and do what you never thought you’d do day look like? That was a mouthful.

Maybe I should journal on all this,


26 thoughts on “Write it down they say!

  1. I’d get hold of a camper van or motor home, stick my new bike on the back, load it with goodies (coffee, biscuits, chocolate, crisps) and off I’d go. Drive around, see new places, cycle about and visit some sights. Take books and read. Bliss 😊🤗


  2. I read this earlier and had a bunch of shit to get done. As I was getting shit done I was thinking that if I threw all this shit on the floor what would a free day be like? I had fun thinking about this Dwight! 😁
    So first I want your breakfast. It would be the perfect start to the day. Then I’d like to take off and hike some of the beautiful trails we have in a short travel distance from my house. I would pack a lunch, thinking a sandwich and chips and find a nice place to sit and eat it. A nice late afternoon coffee sounds nice and I’d take it to our local lake and sit there for while. Then I’d probably come home. That’s about the longest in a very long time I would have done stuff for just me. It would be a nice relaxing day. 🥰

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  3. Lol – I am living the dream so that’s a tough one. I guess I would kidnap my husband (again) and take him to the James Hotel in Saskatoon. It is the most peaceful little boutique hotel and a chef cooked personal breakfast to die for. 👍

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  4. get a great days’ sleep, then get up and drive to the beach ..sure it’s a 9 hour drive, but ..wait- maybe once i got there i’d just stay…lol…after all, i left my shit on the floor:)


    • As Mathew McConaughey, would say Alright Alright Alright! What’s better then a road trip, a beach, and never coming back again cause your shit is on the frickin floor! Yah, love this. You know you’ll need a cool vintage muscle car. Maybe a Mach I Mustang? I’ll even throw some cassettes in the passenger seat. Maybe some Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac,..hold hold up hold up. This is your trip not mine. Thanks though for letting me enjoy the ride for a bit, Lovie. ✌️❤️🎸


  5. Up early, lots of coffee and take the horses for a ride on the beach – no one else there, weak sun in the sky and the wind stinging your eyes you’re going so fast and the sound of the sea and the horses hooves and the birds. Bacon butties afterwards and the rest of the day doesn’t matter! 😘😘

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    • That sounds fantastic! I can picture it now and totally agree the rest of the day doesn’t matter. We have to see about making these happen don’t we.😊. Thanks for responding, I’m really enjoying connecting.


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