Write it down they say!

Put pen to paper. It will keep you focused and on track. Express yourself. What you’re looking at is a workout journal, food journal, “journal” journal, and even creative doodle journal. Yes, I do go overboard at times. Occasionally I actually use them somewhat consistently for a few days, maybe a week, and then the next entries will be a month to two out. Are you frickin tired of writing and never doing? Yes, yes I know I’ve got many issues but today I don’t want to be schooled on them.

Do you ever just want fling all your “shit” off the god damn table and scream ENOUGH?

What would you do if you did? What comes to mind for you?

Took this picture driving the backroads in the Spring…

Here’s mine. I’d start the day with a big old greasy breakfast of bacon, eggs, and home fries,..and maybe 3 cups of plain old black coffee. Next I’d gather my 3 dogs and jump into an old pickup and spend the day driving and mending cattle fences all day enjoying the physical work and the outdoors. I can see the rolling acres now and a big smile on my face…

What would your throw your shit on the floor and do what you never thought you’d do day look like? That was a mouthful.

Maybe I should journal on all this,