Less is Now 30 day Challenge (Week 1)

Check out my first minimalism post if you haven’t already for a little context.


Day 1 – get rid of 1 item

Day 2 – get rid of 2 items

Day 3 – get rid of 3 items

And so on for 30 days

After 30 days create a blog post on your experience with some of the items you got rid of and how you now feel. Even if you can only get rid of 1 item per day, then please still partake. Start anytime, just has to be 30 consecutive days.

Heres week one – total of 28 items

DAY 1: A one year old instant pot I’ve only used once. I gave it to my daughter who is totally excited. This was a bit tough because my sister gifted it to me for helping her move across the country, so I did feel a bit guilty getting rid of it. I think this emotion will come up often, but the flip side is it isn’t doing any good sitting in my cupboard.
Day 2: Instant pot yogurt cups/rack and some instant pot grippy thingies🤪
DAY 3: See day 1😁. Yes, I’m getting a lot of mileage out of day 1.
Day 4: 2 hats, 2 pair of pants
Day 5: 5 pillows
Day 6: 4 pillowcases, 1 small blanket, and 1 backpack. I’m not cheating on the pillowcases…really…I got 30 days folks🤪
Day 7: 4 Toque’s, 1 pair of gloves,and 2 garden flags

Alrighty then, week one is DONE! I was surprised going through closets and bins and finding stuff I haven’t used in years. It’s awesome seeing the open space now left behind!

Hope everyone is doing well,


13 responses to “Less is Now 30 day Challenge (Week 1)”

  1. If I were your sister (who gave you the gift) I would be thrilled that it made your other sister so happy!!
    You go!

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth😊

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  2. Love this. I have a big pile of things to get rid of going. Already way more than 30! Feels good!

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  3. Remember that your local animal shelter or vet would be delighted to get any towels or blankets
    ! Those babies in the shelters need all the snuggles they can get.

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  4. I only have problems with my clothes! I buy quality items, and never wear them out!
    Hard to part with them!
    Everything else is easy! I LOVE getting rid of things and see open spaces!

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  5. Very cool! This is super exciting! We have a huge collection of things here for good will. I’ve also been doing some organizing too. Like in depth organizing so I haven’t gotten far but I’m doing it right. Feels so good!

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    1. It really does! I’m looking forward to more of it.

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  6. I haven’t been doing this but I am going to de clutter tomorrow … starting with the kitchen cupboards. See you on the other side! Xx

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  7. woooow, now THIS Is a very cool project! I Wish i could do it but i literally gave away 90% of my possessions (mostly books and clothes) when I left the US in the Fall, with my whole Life packed into 2 suitcases ^^ But if i realize one Day that I am swimming in possessions, I’m definitely doing this! xxxs Anne


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