Happy Wednesday!

Just got done looking up what 💯 meant. Seriously, I do this all day long. And who frickin knew there’s like a billion heart emoji’s for all different flavors of love? I’m old school and just stick to the basics usually, but I may try to adventure out into this crazy emoji world. Please give me the benefit of the doubt if I mess it up. Hope you have a great day my super heroes!


Dwight (Bamm!!)

9 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday!

  1. lol..since i am awake and am probably the first to see this…let me just say …umm..i use my laptop so i can’t even emoji my responses…but you are 100% ( note: doing that one old school) correct. The emoji world seems to have more species and subspecies than microbiology anymore..good morning to ya!

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  2. Hahaha. I’m constantly looking things up, too. And the heart colors seem to individually have completely different meanings sometimes. Depending on where you look it up. I just ignore it and use whatever color I feel like. Much patience is needed for all of us, I think. 😁

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