LAFUN on a Friday Night!

Friday night funness. My son Bob and I decided after going out for dinner to head down the mountain to Colorado Springs. I wanted to get some pics of some of the old motel neon signs for the longest time. I’m glad he came because a few of the places were a bit sketchy. People peaking out their curtains wondering what the heck we’re doing😄. We had a good time and also found some extra bonuses along the way.

Hope everyone is doing well😊

Sending peace and love,


11 responses to “LAFUN on a Friday Night!”

  1. Love these. I am coming to visit all these fab places in photos on the blogs. It’s making me really focused on travelling once I am able. X

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    1. Glad you enjoyed, Claire. I hadn’t been out past dark in months🤣

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      1. Life sure is weird right now. I think we’ll rediscover a love and awe for so many things we once took for granted. That’s what I’m hoping anyway. X

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  2. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    Great pictures, Dwight! Thanks for sharing!💕

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  3. HA HA!! I can just imagine the paranoia you inspired in those peeking out from behind closed curtains! Great pics, Dwight!

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  4. Oh, well done! The framing is right, the idea is nifty, and yes, I’m super glad you had someone with you. There’s something rather holiday-esque about some of those older neon signs. I’m glad you had a wee adventure,, and shared it with us. 🤗

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    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed them😊


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