Less is Now 30 day Challenge (Week 4 and 5)

A bit late in posting but I did it! I removed 496 items from my house. I realize these weren’t the most thrilling posts, but sometimes I just throw items out here to make myself more accountable. I live alone with my 3 dogs, and I was so surprised on all the extra STUFF I no longer needed. To be honest it feels uncomfortable on how much I collected and definitely gives me a new perspective on what and how I’ll consume in the future. It’s also interesting how now I actually notice all the different selling opportunities being shoved down my throat from emails, social media, all the way to the frickin news like CNN who have an Underscored section right on the front page of articles on what to buy!

I won’t preach too much on this topic other than saying it’s very freeing and I’m enjoying all the extra space around items I actually use. Also please remember one day someone is going to have to remove all your stuff.

Help cheer on my friend Crystal Byers! She started the challenge this month.

Check out my first minimalism post if you haven’t already for a little context.


Day 1 – get rid of 1 item

Day 2 – get rid of 2 items

Day 3 – get rid of 3 items

And so on for 30 days

After 30 days create a blog post on your experience with some of the items you got rid of and how you now feel. Even if you can only get rid of 1 item per day, then please still partake. Start anytime, just has to be 30 consecutive days.

Here’s week four- total of 175 items

Day 22
Day 23
Day 24
Day 25
Day 26
Day 27

Doing my Taxes inspired me to clean out my filing cabinet!

Day 28

Here’s week five – total of 90 items

Day 29
Day 30

10 responses to “Less is Now 30 day Challenge (Week 4 and 5)”

  1. I am off work for a week next week and I plan to declutter room by room (including the garage!). It’s my one focus of the week and I feel mentally I need it. Almost like drawing a line under a crappy 2 months with me feeling negative and sorry for myself, and starting afresh with renewed spirit and hope. 😊

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    1. Right on, Claire! The decluttering definitely has helped me within too. For me, it gets my mind off my internal noise and starts clearing it out piece by piece. So much to appreciate about open space – the light starts to trickle back.🤗

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  2. Congratulations, Dwight! That’s a huge accomplishment, not only the decluttering, but also the persistence. I’ve read the Marie Kondo book and watched the Minimalists on TV, but your posts triggered something in me to start again. Thanks for the inspiration and for the link to my blog! The progress feels freeing, for sure. Enjoy your freedom today.

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  3. Whoa on 496 items! That’s freaking awesome! 😄 A couple weeks ago I gathered 4 large trash bags of clothing and shoes to take to Goodwill. ( I think I told ya that already ) However yesterday my daughter and I dropped them all off. Feels so good for more space and can’t wait for round two!

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  4. I just went looking for hat in our coat cupboard. I could probably throw out 496 items just from that cupboard for crying out loud. This is a good challenge. Thanks for sharing your progress!

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    1. Thank you for reading and your support. Best of luck with your coat cupboard.


  5. most excellent! its pretty amazing when we see all of the “stuff” we have accumulated , innut? I do. mass decluttering whenever i have the time & energy . I just go for the gusto and wind up spending hours …afterwards i am sore and exhausted but feel a sense of accomplishment and a weight being lifted…good stuff !

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