Dear “YourNameHere”,

Today is a new day!

Please repeat these words:

I am an Amazing person.

I am Fabulous.

I Love Me.

Today give yourself permission to love yourself 100%. No thoughts on the past or future. No thoughts given to you from anyone else. Just focus on right NOW and BEAUTIFUL YOU❤️. Breathe this love in and give yourself a hug. Squeeze with all your might and hold hold hold and release.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to just stop and love yourself 100%? No self judgments, just love?

This is the secret within that nobody teaches us how to grow or nurture, but when we stop like now and take the time to completely love ourselves we discover a warm loving peace. A Truth.

There are no but’s or I’m not worthy because… There is only right NOW and You are Worthy. You were intended here by a loving energy and being so you have that love within.

You are out here facing life’s challenges and sometimes it goes sideways and you lose your footing and you stumble and fall. You always get back up though. That love within even if it’s a faint whisper is your soul guiding you up and forward. It is the Knowing you’ve been searching for your whole life. It’s been within you just waiting to shine! It’s time to turn that whisper into a beautiful ROAR!

One more time…

I’m an Amazing person.

I am Fabulous.

I Love Me.

I Am My Superhero🦸‍♀️

I truly see the beauty in you,


6 responses to “Dear “YourNameHere”,”

  1. Lovely ☺️
    I am my own super hero 🦸‍♀️

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    1. Yes you are😊❤️

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  2. I love this! I just blogged I lost 2 lbs. I woke up this morning rested, happy and my stomach felt flatter. Got on the scale and I gained the 2 lbs back. 🙄 I told the scale to effff off and I’m going to have a happy, great day! I am my own superhero! Hope you have a kick ass day yourself!! 💪🏻😃

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    1. Love telling the scale to efff off! We are the ones who have the power to control our states not some silly scale. Fly high, superhero😊

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  3. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    I love this! And myself! Thank you Dwight! 💖

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    1. Thanks, Collette❤️. It all start there loving ourselves doesn’t it.

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