Our Virtual Reality

* So this is way out there as far as my ramblings go, and I’d advise if you’re currently having depression or alcohol craving issues please SKIP this post. This is also not meant to question or offend ones faith.

So this conversation might have been something that would of occurred in my past after mass quantities of alcohol abuse hanging out chatting with “friends”. BUT as many of you know I no longer partake and lately these thoughts have been rising up more and more. For example, just yesterday evening as I was up 15 feet on a ladder painting the side of my house, I started thinking about this stuff again. I could feel the warm summer breeze and see the wide open sky above.

So here we go. Just remember I’m a 55 yr old fool just rambling and if this post makes you shake your head like I’m crazy please come back again and very likely my next post will be sane. So from time to time I’ve thought how how cruel life is. To be birthed into this reality not having a clue of how it all started. Pay no attention to that they say for it was “xxx” that created this and it must not be questioned and you must just have faith and trust. Well that’s pretty fucked up and makes my mind a bit melted, but everyone else is going and doing and this tidbit doesn’t seem to fuck with them or does it? Maybe this is part of the current puzzle. Maybe we’re at the point in our evolution where this is the source of much of our anguish and depression. The question of Why that can never be answered. Never. Seems like a fairly cruel joke by the old man in the sky, but yes we’ve moved past that now to know Source is now within us. Okay. But it’s still pretty fucked up not knowing the origin of US. And to top it all off you will eventually die. We humans have a 100% mortality’s rate. No escaping it. What happens afterwards nobody knows. Many have theories, but nobody has ever come back to show proof of what happens. Again pretty fucked up. I mean how hard would it be for Source that created all of Oz to let us know?

So bam you are birthed, the goggles are placed behind your eyes, and you’re expected to not look for answers behind you or too far ahead. You look up to the sky out into the Universe that never ends. Try wrapping your smart brain around that. Oh don’t worry, no don’t worry about that just focus on just living right now. That’s what you need to do..because within us we know we’ll go fucking crazy if we think of this OTHER shit, So we pick a religion/story/flavor that keeps us sane day to day and gets us through our time in this unknown reality. We are expected to keep these thoughts to ourselves for what’s the use …. no answers ever appear. For you realize if you did get one answer the very next question you’d have is well how did THAT come about and then how did THAT come about.

Okay. So as I was standing up there on my ladder, not digging heights as I get older, I think about the TRUTHS I do know. The ones that have been proven by going within and resonated and come back out with this emotion we call love. For whatever reason this was birthed into this reality for many of us profess it daily. I think about my kids. I think about my loved ones who are present and those who have passed. I think of my fellow man and within this emotion of Love rises from what we call our soul. That piece within you that is truth, whatever that means, but you just know for you feel it. I look around at my reality. I see my neighbor houses, people walking, birds flying, trees swaying, cars moving, and much more. It’s all pretty amazing.

Greg Rakozy on unsplash.com

Within I think it is what it is. And it is a reality that I can partake in and help create. I look back to the sky and out into the Universe and what comes to me in a lack of better words is this omnipresence of love. That is my Source. That is my God. That is what I mean when I send out light, love, and good vibes to all of you.

I’m off my ladder now. Rambling done.


17 responses to “Our Virtual Reality”

  1. You know that weird nervous feeling when you click submit..yep just had that!

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  2. It is crazy that, with the intricacies of our bodies and minds, we are here and we know not where we came from and we know not where we go. Yet we’re expected to live as if it matters. I mean, there are theories and strong beliefs, but no concrete proof. I always go back to the fact that each one of us comes equipped with a soul capable of huge love and emotion and to me that points to a Source, a Creator. Because, from an evolutionary and biological standpoint, love isn’t a requirement for survival. We don’t require love like we do food and water. And yet…. it’s here. Inside every one of us. That’s where my faith finds its stronghold. The fact that love exists and is universal need but not required to exist. Ok, now you’ve got me rambling! Love and light to you!

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    1. You said it much more elegantly then my rambling attempt. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone on this Collette 😊❤️

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    2. I came across this tonight, Collette, and thought of you. Let God be God in You😊

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      1. Thank you, Dwight. I read this after a morning of recommitting to important things I’ve let slide… coincidence? I think not. Have a beautiful day. 💛🌟

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    1. Agreed, thanks Teri❤️

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  3. We are hard wired to belong to a tribe. Children who lack this suffer. Care, love is fundamental to this, I think.
    Also, I think of primitive men and their spiritual art work, I wonder if we are hard wired to worship something bigger than us.
    Rambling here, too.

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    1. I like your ramblings, Wendy! Thank you😊

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  4. About a year ago a client I am close to and I have known for years asked me why I decided to have kids. The discussion went into a “why are we here” direction. She has no kids and a whole lot of inherited health issues. Her health issues don’t stop her from anything, just frustrating to her. I told her I know I have raised kids to be good, kind and loving, which this world needs more of. Then it got me thinking on my way home, I think that is why I am here in this uncertain world. My birth mother chose to put me up for adoption instead of abortion and I’m certain she did the right thing as even though I have no idea who she is, I know I have made her proud.
    ….now I’m rambling…😂

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    1. I’m certain too your birth mom would be proud of you and especially the love you are spreading via your children, Jackie❤️. Hope you have a great weekend. I’m back to painting my house, before the neighbors start complaining 😁

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      1. You just made me smile! Cooking some frozen pizza’s now. Worked a lot today, but am able to pay for my daughter’s homecoming dress and shoes, makes it all okay! Painting your house…that’s a lot of work! Better make sure that’s in your workout routine! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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    2. Me too! Young, unwed parents, they even named me. Adopted at 6 weeks by solid, loving couple, and I never seriously looked back.

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    3. Me too! I had young, unwed parents who even named me. Was adopted at 6 weeks old by a solid and loving couple. I never seriously looked back- it is what it is.

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  5. Sending you big hugs Dwight! I understand.

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  6. If you could choose the origin of your Source (of your love), would you rather be on an evolutionary ladder, or created by a Creator?

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