52 Week Challenge

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Over 52 weeks ago, I started my 52 Week Challenge. The idea was to pick 4 areas of my life where fear/ego has held me back and start a journey for 52 weeks. I chose learn guitar, learn to cook, learn German, and workout 4 days a week. To cut to the chase I stopped guitar and German right near the beginning, working out got real inconsistent over half way through, and basically ended with cooking new meals twice a week as my constant throughout.

You don’t always knock it out of the park

My friend, Lovie, always stresses you must define and completely understand your why. I was trying to find your specific post Lovie …maybe you could add it in the comments? I obviously hadn’t put a lot of work into that as when it was time to do the actual work of accomplishing these goals … I quickly bailed. I am by no means beating myself up, just documenting this experience…putting it in my lessons learned wisdom chest and moving forward with knowledge gained.

I will say it was painful declaring this challenge, and then having to take items off the list to the point later where I very rarely blogged on it. Some would just let it go and not even try to wrap it up in blog land (I’ve done that on several things out here), but for some reason I felt this needed closure.

Having a “Hollywood” image in your head and doing the work and facing discomfort are completely opposites. Your Why is the compass that will keep you moving forward for sure. I’m glad though I went through this process. I’m more of a learn by doing person. Often I learn the hard way …but once enlightenment come it sticks!

I follow many folks out here just starting/restarting their sober journey. I want you to know it took me many times at bat to make it to home plate with my sobriety. Just like above you gleam what worked, what didn’t work, and eventually something will CLICK … and the momentum will be in your favor.

I have a new endeavor I just started with my why well defined. More to come on that soon.

Keep coming up to bat!


16 responses to “52 Week Challenge”

  1. I like that you even tried 🙂 that’s an achievement in itself as many don’t even attempt it. So you didn’t keep 3 of them up you did keep 1 and that on it’s own is awesome and has to be so good for your body. I’m proud of you, sending you a big hug. To of not even tried would be failure. We have to learn to acknowledge the achievements and changes we make and realise that they all count. xox

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  2. It’s great you did this follow up post. Too much of blog land is about striving towards success without any thoughts about when or why goals don’t play out as planned. Nice. Looking forward to the next post!

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  3. Hi Dwight! I just posted about how I need to keep staying up to bat. I love the way you put that. I started yoga awhile ago and didn’t even make it to the 30 day program. I got COVID and that was my easy out. I just made up ( and actually wrote down ) next weeks goals. I’m now going to go week to week. Sometimes trying things and not having them work out makes ya learn more about yourself. I’ve learned for me, no making long term goals. 😂 I’m laughing because it’s so lame but it’s true for me. You are always inspiring and thank you for posting this! It was the perfect morning to read it! Have a kick ass day!! 😊✔️

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    1. Omg me too Jackie with the 30 day program. Hope you’re feeling better after Covid

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      1. Hey you!! Still have lingering COVID head cold like effects. It’s mild and I tested negative but it’s just annoying but overall doing good! I did giggle when you said “OMG me too with the 30 day program.” I was like “Oh I’m so glad I’m not the only one!” 🙌🏻❤️

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  4. Love your honesty Dwight. I keep attempting to quit sugar and you’re inspiring me to hold myself accountable. Ive also been given a ton of Learn German stuff and its getting dusty on the shelf. Need to dust it off xx

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  5. I’m often guilty of setting too many goals, sometimes it’s better to focus on one thing and get it cemented in as a habit before you try the next. We only have so much will power!

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  6. You’ve certainly moved forward, Dwight!

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  7. it took a bit , but i did find that post..lol..thanks for the shout out:) it’s interesting you blogged about this too because i still have to review my “why’s” regularly to stay on track.For instance, when i have set backs- my first inclination is to take a “break” , which leads to more breaks, and eventually i find myself completely out of the habit and pissed off at myself. Reminding myself why i am doing what i do, always resets my motivation. https://theglassvidalia.home.blog/2021/11/23/s-m-a-r-t/

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  8. Thanks for the follow up post, Dwight. You got one out of four so hey! that is definitely a bonus. I am not as ambitious as you so my fitness and well being plan is going in commitments of six weeks at a time (Two weeks into my second commitment 👍🏻). I figure I can push through anything for six weeks and every time it gets tough I remind myself that ‘my future self will thank me!’ That ‘why’ has been working for me. Have a great week, Dwight! 💞

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    1. Thanks, Anne. You can do it🦸‍♀️!


  9. I think as humans we are all in the same boat, Dwight. We try, we succeed in some endeavors, and we fail at others. I’m glad you are able to look at your last year and accept it for what it was, without berating yourself for not living up to your goals.
    All the best,

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