Going For It – 52 Week Challenge!

We must embrace our fears and stop clinging to the past. Every morning we have the opportunity to start anew!

In my last post, I touched upon how in the past I had let fear keep me in the shadows instead of shining out in the light. Many times I had all the information and even saw the big billboard with an arrow pointing this way —> but because of my fears I either didn’t move or actually backtracked. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and that is my clue to start making some changes. My sobriety opened the doors to finally giving myself a chance and I’m determined here and now to make that happen. I’m ready to look at my fears head on clearly and deeply. I’m going to stop the judgement and acknowledge them instead of hiding from them.

What I’ve basically allowed to happen is I’ve listened to my ego, sat on the sidelines, and in many ways stop participating in life. And I can tell you one thing, that my friends is very boring! So what I’ve decided to do and committed to do is pick 4 areas of my life where fear/ego has held me back and start a journey for 52 weeks to start dancing with my fears. Just because in the past I may have “failed” in these areas by no means will I fail now. Most of the time I didn’t even completely fail, I just gave up prior to even failing. This time around I’m not giving up. So starting tomorrow March 22, 2021 I’ll start my Going For It – 52 Week Challenge! This is what I’ll be focussing on.

Even though I’m saying 52 weeks, my goal is that after that it will become so ingrained these will become part of my Lifestyle!!

Learn to play guitar

If you know me, you know I LOVE music! The problem was I kept telling myself I’m not musical inclined and feared committing and then realizing I suck at it. This is one where I never gave myself a chance. For 52 weeks I’m committing to practicing twice a week on playing my acoustic guitar. I’m going to research apps to help me learn and am even thinking of getting lessons.

Learn to cook

Again, I’ve made small attempts in this area and let’s just say they didn’t work out. So again, I’d say I’m just not a cook. When inviting family and friends over this turns into a problem. I’m ready now to commit to 52 weeks where I cook one meal a week where I’m actually using a recipe and learning new methods.

Learn to speak german

One of my retirement goals is to go back to Germany and immerse myself for one month in the small town of Bad Hersfeld where I was stationed in the Army. For years learning German has been a goal, but I just feared I wasn’t smart enough to grasp learning a new language. Not anymore. For 52 weeks, I will study German twice a week for 30 minutes each.

Working out

I’m adding this one in even though there wasn’t fear tied to it. I don’t know how many times I’ve committed to this in the past and eventually just quit. This is one where the ego always says just take a break you deserve it. Not this time. For 52 weeks I’m going to work out at a minimum 4 days a week. I’ve got plenty of ideas around this one and am excited to share them with you throughout the year.

As I mentioned above sobriety has opened new doors for me and definitely made me question many areas of my life. Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option for me. It’s time for ACTIONS! Each week for 52 weeks I will provide a status update out here.

Going for it,


50 responses to “Going For It – 52 Week Challenge!”

  1. Yes!
    Inspired by this post!
    I like that you made it manageable. Little steps!
    Just before the stupid Covid came, I had started to overcome the fear of traveling by myself!
    Want to start that again!
    So want to visit my friend in Arizona!
    Have fun, Dwight!
    Ps- I taught myself guitar in college! You’ll love it!

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  2. How exciting!! Can’t wait to hear about it! I could never really learn to speak Spanish until I went and studied the language for a month in a Spanish-speaking country. Then, I could! Such great goals, Dwight! 🤗

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  3. This is freaking AWESOME! Makes me pumped for Monday starting my new eating/work out routine!! My whole family plays guitar and 2 out of 3 brothers, drums. ( All learned from my dad who plays about any instrument. ) I would love to learn the drums! Just seems kind of cool and bold for a chic. I admire all girls that play drums. Right now here the weather is breaking and everyone is pumped to be outside without a damn coat! Also- when I was in 7th grade German, Spanish and French were choices we had for a language. I took German. I learned a few phrases and how to count to 10 and loved it! Still remember what I learned! Moved and my new school had no German available. It’s an interesting and fun language to learn! Duo lingo is a cool app to learn languages. I used it to brush up on my Spanish I ended up taking.
    Let’s keep improving! So glad you’re on here! As I always say…sorry for my ramble bamble! 😍🎶✔️

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  4. This is fantastic … I felt such positive vibes when I read it. I love that you have set goals but they are realistic and achievable. I wanna see photos of your culinary efforts and I really wish I had learnt a language.

    You have inspired me to get thinking about all the things I’ll say I’ll do and never do!! This is all ace!!! 🌟

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  5. Way to go Dwight❣️

    I can feel your energy and excitement so I’m excited for you as well😆😃

    I think your goals are fabulous and they hit body-mind-and soul. Doesn’t get better than that.

    It seems like you have a huge appetite for “engaging” activities. So, chow down!! 😂

    Have fun and remember, baby steps still count❤️🤗

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  6. Look at you! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to cheer you on and hear all about your progress! All four of those endeavors sound awesome! Love and light! 🌟💖

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  7. This is really fantastic! After this year especially I’m ready to get out of the rut and try new things.

    On guitar: I used to take my daughter to piano lessons at a music school and there was a beginner guitar group who would sit together in the lobby space with a teacher practicing the song they’d all worked on that week. They all seemed to be having a lot of fun, maybe there’s something like it in your area?

    On German: Same goals here! (But probably not until we can spend more time there) My husband lived in Augsburg for a year and wants to spend part of our retirement there. My family is part German, my ex father in law was stationed in Heidelberg, I travelled all over there during my first honeymoon. Love!!

    On cooking: I don’t love cooking but I like the end product and find it necessary for health / finances. But I always try to find the short cuts. Recommend checking out “easy” cookbooks from the library, it’s so much nicer than going through the whole internet with a gazillion ads.


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  8. Yay you! Look how you’re inspiring all of us… I love your choice of verb: your decision to “dance” with your fears. A post in the Sloppy Buddhist blog (have you checked that one out?) opened with a quote saying you can wear it like a burden or you can dance with it. “It” isn’t identified – I guess it stands for everything, a whole attitude, and I love it: our basic choice about how to live life. So, here’s to the dance…

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