Faded Jeans Living 2.0 – Accountability

Hey folks. I wanted to let you know I created an accountability channel on an app called Volley. It’s a team application using video to communicate with one another. You can access it via this link: Faded Jeans Living

The idea of the site is to help us be accountable for areas of our life that we are working on to improve ourselves and to receive and give support to one another. I’m currently using the app on another team for my wellness journey and have found it very helpful. The video is the key to keep it real and “up” our game by connecting at a whole other level. Instead of leaving text updates you’ll be leaving short video updates the team can view at their convenience.

So here’s just a few examples of what might be some of the areas for accountability, but it’s really what YOU are working on:

  • Writing x times a week
  • Working out x times …
  • Report on your good work around wellness and food
  • Minimizing items in your home
  • Weekly steps you’re taking to pay off debt
  • Removing alcohol from your life
  • Etc…

This may not be a good match for many of you because of the whole video and wanting to remain anonymous. I get it. But for you others come check it out. Anyone can join if they have the link and they will see all the videos and artifacts.

So how it works when you join is there’s an Introduce Yourself channel and a Check-ins channel. This is where you can come in as often as you want daily or weekly to remain accountable. I have my videos out there as examples. You will be surrounded by like minded folks with no shaming. This could be a very helpful mechanism to keep you on track and moving forward.

If this sounds interesting to you, come check it out on the Volley app at Faded Jeans Living If this isn’t your cup of tea I completely understand. I’ll still be posting out here as usual.



7 responses to “Faded Jeans Living 2.0 – Accountability”

  1. I like the video check in as it makes it a bit more accountable for me. I’m terrible at it though and make dorky check ins. Right Dwight? 😂 I just realized maybe I should do the introduce yourself portion on the app. If anyone is interested, I joined Dwight in the app and really like it! 😃✔️

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    1. Thanks, Jackie. You’re not dorky…but you are fun. It’s helping me knowing you’re there and I enjoy watching your progress as well. Very motivating!

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  2. You’re on such a great path! Keep inspiring.

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    1. Thank you, Right back at You🤗

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  3. Wonderful!
    Will check it out!

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    1. Just found this in my spam folder…ughh. No idea why. Thanks for your interest, Wendy.

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  4. ok, now i am understanding this a bit better and will likely join in this upcoming week. ugh, just been in a fog for about a month with things…but this is great stuff!


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