Give yourself a chance

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Henceforth I ask not good fortune. I myself am good fortune.

Walt Whitman

You have always been perfect – whole – complete.

It’s been here within you this whole time.


6 responses to “Give yourself a chance”

  1. Beautiful quote!

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  2. Thanks for the reminder, Dwight!

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  3. You just seriously quoted my FAVORITE poet! A few years ago I found an older version of Leaves of Grass and I’m addicted to it still. I feel so lucky to own it. Thanks for giving me the push I needed, I’ve never felt better!!! 🙌🏻

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  4. No human is perfect Dwight, but we don’t have to be to feel whole, or complete. Have a splendid weekend!


  5. Nice reminder my friend ❤️

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  6. Great quote Dwight – have a lovely weekend! 💞💞

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