So here you are

Photo by Rafael Leão on Unsplash

You came out to read something new.

Maybe something to do while you sip your morning pleasure.

Your blanket on your lap with calm still on your side.

Nothing to tend to just beautiful you.

Welcome my friend!

Sit with this peace.

Grateful for all of you,


10 responses to “So here you are”

  1. Beautiful Dwight! And it’s letting me comment today 💗have a nice relaxing day….I’m doing it too 🌈

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    1. Thanks so much, Danielle. The comment gods are smiling on us.😀 I did actually update my template theme a week ago so maybe that helped.

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      1. I’m having issues too commenting on another site. I think it’s this algorithm WordPress uses for comments. It’s very frustrating. I have a ticket open and will let you know what they say.


  2. Perfect timing to read this. I’m doing just that, sipping on a morning protein shake. It’s going to be a good day. 😊

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  3. What a lovely sentiment! I stopped by on my way to look up a recipe for saltfish and ackee which I’ve never made before.

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