How to make the World a better place

You may be thinking I can’t do anything being one person! It’s a lost cause! BULLSHIT!!!

Start with you. Is there a war raging between your head and your heart? If so, that must first be addressed. If your mind is saying you’re no good you won’t be able to find goodness with others.

Stop with the whole you’re shaming or offending me as your default protest march, banner carrying, and finger pointing response. YOU need to look beyond your initial reaction and start trying to understand where is this coming from. What experiences may have come into you life or their life that had a severe negative effect. It’s definitely hard when your emotions kick in, but this is the good work that will be needed to see a bigger picture, connect dots, and start opening up to understanding. It takes at least one side to take this first step. Let it be you.

Love your neighbors. Yes, I’m talking about your next door neighbors, How do you expect the World to become better if you can’t even get along with those who live right next to you? Dogs will bark and kids will yell and scream. Sofas from the 70s will be placed at the curb only to remain there for months. Flags and signs will be put up in yards basically saying your political party f’n sucks and their party is The Way. Cars will park all in front of your house and down your block to attend your neighbors coming to God party. Houses will become rentals with 6 cars parked in the driveway and yard, or strangers will start showing up weekly staying in new Airbnbs. The list could go on and on.

With all that just try to understand you don’t know shit. Hard to swallow I’m sure. We make so many untrue assumptions that it’s embarrassing. We have no clue with what goes on behind the doors of our neighbors. We view and judge with our across the road perspective from our collective environment that we grew up with. Even when there is no real driver behind the perceived nonsense, they may be picking up the trash you left out when you left for vacation and the birds got into and scattered all over the road. No matter what there can be “goods” many times if we step back. We have more in common then you think. That rental may be a couples retirement plan that they worked hard all their lives to pay for and now possibly helps pay for a cancer treatment or life saving pills for one of them. The rental could also be an opportunity for a young adult like one of your own to be able to move out from their parents and start their life in an affordable room. That Airbnb may create long lasting loving memories between families who haven’t come together in years. That Fuck Biden dude may give you the shirt off his back without you even asking. It definitely takes growth on your part but luckily we have many loving guides to model.

Look at your town. How efficient is it to instigate a voter recall just because your person didn’t win? Does it really make sense to divide “xxx” students into multiple charter schools because we couldn’t sit down and figure this shit out as adults? If they can’t build that tiny house village or affordable rent controlled apartments next to your high value neighborhood where the hell can they build it? Stop bantering out on your areas Facebook page or local newspapers and go for a walk with folks in your town, or sit down face to face and have a conversation over coffee.

I’ll stop here. We could continue this theme to the states around us, to the countries around us, to eventually reaching the World.

Your job as a spiritual being is to learn and grow as you have this precious human experience. Focus on Goodness and it will Shine.


Dwight 🦋

8 responses to “How to make the World a better place”

  1. You said it perfectly, Dwight! ❤️✔️

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  2. Wholeheartedly agree with the “get off FB and go have coffee with someone”!!!

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  3. Preach! Ha ha. Nice one.

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  4. So true. Change starts with the individual.

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  5. ooh – I feel this one! Great reminder that we’re all people and to stop that internal monologue of judgement. Well said, Dwight!

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  6. Thanks for sharing your insights and conclusions, Dwight. I have the feeling that you might have lived through some of the less-than-ideal situations you have described here. 😊
    Doesn’t it always come down to the golden rule–that we should treat others the way we would want to be treated?

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  7. I think if we practice self compassion it translates into compassion from others. Knowing we are all human and holding mistakes in that space is so important for life and our mental health. Nice post Dwight x

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