What friendship means to me

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I’ve had good, bad, and the ugly friendships in my 56 years. Looking back I’ve put up with too many one sided relationships. Lately I’ve been thinking about my current friendships, the time I’m investing, and what am I truly getting out of them.

I thought I’d share some criteria I’m mulling over on what makes a good friendship for me:

  • Listening. No distractions, not on our phones, and being present. Not following up with a one up story. Simply listening.
  • Honesty. Diving below the surface and showing me your fears and hang ups. Being brave to show me who you truly are.
  • Questions. Ask me questions. No more one sided discussions where I’m the one always asking you more and more so I can learn about you.

Maybe it’s the clock ticking away. Maybe I finally love myself enough to get a little respect. Maybe I’m just sick and tired of the nonsense I’ve put up with.

I was pretty lonely for a very long time and would almost accept anyone who wanted to be friends. Not anymore.

I’m growing uP,



9 responses to “What friendship means to me”

  1. To be honest, I am very lonely at times even though happily married. No close family, only a few good friends that I seldom see because they are always busy with family.

    But to your point, yes. I actually have one friend who talks so much, I’ve set boundaries with her, and it helps me.


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    1. So glad you’ve set boundaries, Wendy. You are so worth it! I’ve settled so many times and each time I’ve looked back at the outings as a bunch of “nothingness” as we part. A future post may just be how to break-up from a friendship. I need to figure it out first. Big hugs🤗

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  2. Morning Dwight! I think this fitness journey really changes a person, for the better. I smiled reading maybe you now love yourself enough to get a little respect. I think that is key and you are SO WORTH IT! ❤️ We want to invest in a friendship with someone that wants the same investment back. And that could be at any level, as long as it’s reciprocated the same.

    I wholeheartedly love our friendship Dwight! And on that note I need to get my ass going with my workout! Starting off like a 🦈 today! ✔️

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    1. A hell YES to that! 🤗❤️


  3. I’d rather be lonely than surrounded by the wrong people. We outgrow high school and don’t have to strive for popularity anymore. You’ll know the ones who will water your soul when they’re near.

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  4. Love this post, Dwight! All absolute necessities to a friendship. You and Jackie and I have the real deal for sure when it comes to the quality and respect we all need and deserve when it comes to the true spirit of friendship. 💞.


  5. Hi Dwight! Lately my friendships have been changing…interesting that you’re writing about this as I was going to as well. Some are leaving, some I’m leaving and some have already gone. Other ones from long ago are peeking their heads in to check in …so interesting how life criss/crosses in waves.

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  6. Some friends come into our lives for a reason, others for just a season, and some for a lifetime. It’s taken me time to learn that certain friendship are outgrown or outdated. We have to let go of those that no longer bring satisfaction. Sometimes this means, that we feel rejected as well. As we get older, I think it’s a good thing to be more discriminating with who we spend our limited time with.

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    1. I like that insight …for a reason, others for a season. Right on, thanks Evelyn.


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