2023: Will this be the year you stop wallowing?

I’m completely serious.

Will this be the year you STOP wallowing in your own crap? Think about that.

But I’m not you say. I’m good. Some of you may be … but I’m thinking many of you actually are and don’t even know it or just blind to it at this point. Or you’re like the gentleman in the Goggins video below where you’re saying you just don’t understand what I’m going through, Dwight! All I can say there is indeed a time to wallow. A time to grieve, cry, shout, and find help. There’s also a time to get your ass uP from the floor and start moving forward and leaving the crap behind!

For years I wallowed in my shit. 40 years of wallowing in alcohol abuse and depression. 20 some years of wallowing in debt. 7 years of poor me I’m divorced after 16 years of marriage. Plus who knows how many years of I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not good looking enough … wallow, wallow, wallow! Where did it get me? F’n nowhere. Nowhere!

I hear wallowing every day and it’s just accepted and even supported. Many are just reliving the same shitty story year after year. Posting the same damn dramas post after post. That may hit a nerve but it’s the truth. Unfollow if need be, but for many it’s a wake up to move forward. To start truly living your life and leave the poor me behind.

I believe you can do it. Start rewiring your mind. ❤️



11 responses to “2023: Will this be the year you stop wallowing?”

  1. It’s a choice. 🥳


  2. EFFFFFF YEAH! I am so freaking glad I met you!! You make my everydays, brighter! 😃💪🙌🏻❤️

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  3. Looking for success, versus failure. So very true, we have a choice. Yup, love, “leave poor me” behind.

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  4. Dwight I don’t think I’ve read you this fired up before! We need to learn from the shit and move on through! 💞💞


  5. Oof, I feel this and needed to read it. Thanks, Dwight. I just got the Goggins book from the library and looking forward to reading.


  6. It maybe a bit harsh, but very true what you have written. I had a big clean out 30 years ago and got my life on track. The thing is, is that you need to be vigilent not to regress back to where you were.


  7. Yes, yes it is Dwight! I read my old posts and it is years of wallowing and excuses. Started this year with an amazing vacation that has helped my perspective of how “busy” I want to be at home. When I get back next week starting over with 100 days sober AND a meditation program (book club I’m doing with some friends) – husband is supportive so I really have hope I’ll get out of this rut.

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  8. This!
    Overthinking is overrated!
    “Finding myself”: by age of 69 if I don’t know where I am, I’m screwed!
    Carry on!

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  9. Hahaha now that’s what I call wrathful compassion ! 🔥😎


  10. Love it Dwight! Goggins knocked it out of the park with this one.


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