Break away

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In order for a free body to escape earth’s gravitational pull it must reach a velocity of 25022.3694 miles per hour! I equate that to tons of incredible energy needed! What’s really exciting is it can be done and has been done frequently.

I’m currently planning out big changes in my life. I’ll be completely honest and say I definitely feel an “emotional gravity” pulling me down and trying to keep me grounded. At the age of 57, I’ve been well conditioned by the collective ego. For the majority of my life the bars were no longer needed and I had stopped climbing the ladder for bananas. In recent years though, there have been truths discovered that have guided me beyond what I had settled for in my past.

Here are some:

– start paying attention to what’s actually going on, instead of running away from it, admit what is no longer working, sometimes we indeed climb the wrong mountain and don’t be embarrassed to start over, it is foolish to act your life away, you are intended to live your life

– don’t settle for security, it’s fear lying to you

– look from the end never wanting to mumble I wish I would of

– awaken, turn down the “noises” you created around yourself and silently listen to that faint voice within that is ready to lovingly roar new directions to discover

– lean into courage, that muscle is here now just waiting to be activated, use it and it gets stronger

– don’t swallow everything your mind places on your plate

– immerse and educate yourself in the direction you want to go

– don’t shit can yourself for gods sake with excuses on why it won’t work for you, you must take responsibility and start taking the action you can take accordingly

– surrounded yourself with others who have made the changes you’re seeking, give and receive support from them

– track your progress, what’s working, what’s not, adjust, it’s called learning and not beating yourself up

– lean into faith, you are worthy, perfect, whole, and complete, and all the tools are within

– make public your quests, a declaration, like forces will align

– continue to fill in more detailed colors along the way knowing you don’t need to know it all starting off

– became comfortable with the uncomfortable, the challenges will come, persevere, the easy path is often the wrong path

– take one step forward, let the universe blow and unfold you accordingly, repeat

All of these were needed for me to make some of my most proudest changes in my life. The energy you put forward all together will eventually get you to a tipping point where a flash will occur and you will find yourself breaking away from what has been holding you down. Trust me.


Dwight 🦋

14 responses to “Break away”

  1. So inspiring. Godspeed, Dwight!

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    1. Thank you, Emily❤️


  2. Love this post Dwight. You are always inspiring me and I’ll say it again, I’m a better person knowing you! 😊

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    1. Yes you are, ha! Right back at you. Also we crack each other uP😂

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      1. We sure do!!!! 😂


  3. very inspiring, make it happen1

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  4. Wishing you a good break-away and take-off, Dwight, as well as a marvelous journey (and eventual landing).

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  5. I just finished writing and putting together a child’s poem book! So excited! Still figuring out how to print it for cheap, but I’ll get there!

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    1. That is so neat, Wendy! Happy and proud of you🙌

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  6. I love this, Dwight. Emotional gravity is a bitch and fear a liar for sure. 💞

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  7. Hi Dwight, lovely to come across your blog. I enjoyed this post a lot and found it so inspiring. I really like your outlook! Thank you for sharing 😊

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