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Happy Fall!

I thought I’d provide an update on how all is going.  I started a Gerontology class about a month ago.  It goes for two semesters and I’ll end up with a certificate.  I’ve always been interested in working with the Aging and after reading Marc Freedman’s book, Encore:  Finding Work that Matters in the second half of life, I felt motivated to start looking into careers I could do that have a direct social “good” impact on humankind.  Over 25 years ago when I was in college,  I had made the decision to follow the money and go down the tech path even though back then I was interested in gerontology.  Now as I start looking for my second career,  I am in a position where I can explore different options that makes my soul smile.  It’s exciting.  It may not be for another 5 years,  but I thought why not explore now.  Marc’s book is a great read and I highly recommend it.  It’s about giving back to society and much much more.  Our generation hasn’t exactly made this planet a better place, but we still have time to leave a legacy we’re proud of.

I’m making good process on my emotional eating after getting sober.  I’m down approx. 15 pounds overall for the year.  It definitely has taken all the discipline I have, but more crucial looking into more of the Why I need “something” to escape my reality.  Understanding I’m not my thoughts and becoming the watcher has helped.   I’ve learned more about this with Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul:  The Journey Beyond Yourself.  ….boy I’m plugging a lot of books,  eh :  )

Last month, was the last month for me paying maintenance and child support to my ex.  It’s probably a touchy topic for many who follow me, so I won’t be shooting off any fireworks.  Obviously, that frees up money that I now can put toward my debt.  As many of you know when I got divorced I had to get a loan from my mother, so I basically didn’t have to go bankrupt.  I’m happy to say that I’ll have that loan paid off at the end of November and be totally out of debt other than my house payment.  This is a whole new concept for me being debt-free.  Crazy how long it has taken me to figure it all out.  I’m 53.  I guess it’s not really crazy.  I’m a slow learner and always learn the hard way.

I just opened my I’m Done Drinking app and it reads I’ve been sober 234 days.  Things are going well on that front.  I don’t have cravings and am enjoying the clarity and hangover-free mornings.  You have to understand though it took me over 40 years to quit. I stopped, started,  repeated…many many times.  This year though it finally came to the point of being done for good and not looking back.  I cheer anyone who is on this journey!!!

That’s about it.  Been loving up the fall and getting out on hikes.  I feel like I’m supposed to be getting more social, but that push is more like a “living up to society” requirement and not one of my own right now.  We’ll see….


Sending Loving Vibes,


17 responses to “Fall update”

  1. Wonderful news, Dwight! I love your new second half of life! I see so many people your age and older, me 😂, who are just blooming in the second half!
    Keith, my husband, and I went for a beautiful fall hike yesterday, going fall golfing today!
    Life is so so short.
    Big hugs!

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  2. Thank you so much for writing this, Dwight. The inspiration is wonderful.

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    1. Thanks for reading and following, Anne. All the best to you☀️

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      1. Thanks Dwight 🙂 keep on keeping on !! xoxo


  3. This was super uplifting and inspiring. 15 lbs, whoop whoop! I’ve lost a few too. I’ve been a bit down though. Your post is very cheering. Nearly financially free, that must feel amazing. And a new, super worthy career path. Love that. All wonderful, dear Dwight!! Thanks for sharing with us. 💖

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    1. Thanks for your support, Nadine🤗

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  4. Your fall sounds excellent, Dwight. I am so glad to hear that you are doing well.

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  5. Keep your soul smiling! And keep plugging books. Will add them to my pile to read.

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  6. What a fantastic post – and being debt free (I’m not sure homes count) and sober and learning, AND losing weight and your triggers!!! Dwight, you amaze me! I have so much faith in your abilities to keep living a better life, that you’ve built. Rock on, my friend!

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    1. Thanks so much, Liz😊🤗

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  7. I LOVE that you are studying Gerontology as I can actually see with your kind heart just how much good you could do in that direction. That book sounds fantastic I’m going to have to read it. Oh yay for you paying off you debt soon that has got to be the best feeling. I am glad you came and gave us a catch up because you really are sounding in a good place and at peace and I freakin love that! XOX


    1. Thank you FG for all your support and love🤗

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