Anxiety – take the ..

Be it a pill

Counseling sessions


Or even a walk on a cold snowy day

Take what works for you!

The dragon is always ready to pounce.

I know.

11 responses to “Anxiety – take the ..”

  1. Yes!
    We walked today on our snowy day!
    Really good medicine!
    We also got a snack!

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    1. Now you’re talking – a walk with a snack – brilliant! Something about walking in the elements that makes me feel alive and grounded. Had a little spell this weekend and trying to get back to my daily practices.

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  2. I hope you can, if not slay, then at least rein in that dragon whenever it attacks, Dwight!

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  3. 100% yes to that
    Do what you need and what works best!
    Hope you are ok? Horrid when it hits.
    Claire xxx

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  4. Sending you a big warm hug, and reminding you how awesome you are. xox

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  5. Although I am early in my journey I have found that meditating really helps and works for me. I actually really enjoy it! Thank you for the friendly reminder, and I hope you are doing well, and get back to your “normal” self. Have a great day!

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  6. And “Don’t believe everything you think”. Just remember they’re just storms comin’ through! All things pass… God alone is unchanging.


  7. Aww, Dwight!
    I’m sorry you hit a rough patch. Yep – sometimes you just gotta take the meds, and look that demon right in the face and say “Really? You think you’re driving the bus? Step off!” and then do something that is healthy for you. I’m glad you found that safe zone, and moved on. *high fives you and goes in for the hug*


  8. Damn right.
    I love the pic😍


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