Still giggling

Step out the door of the school bus

Tell Andy goodbye

Run inside change into my play clothes

The jeans with patches on the knees

Run out to the woods to play with my friends

Shut the computer off

Change into my biking shorts

Load the bike into the truck

Off to Lovell Gulch to go ride

At 54, I still get that excited

Got to get out there

Riding on the trail I smell the wet leaves

The sun shine through the trees

And I giggle like hell!

Send peace and joy,


7 responses to “Still giggling”

  1. Never let that inner child die, Dwight. I’m glad you enjoyed your ride. I hiked Lovell Gulch twice this summer and really liked getting to know that beautiful loop. I imagine one’s breathing gets pretty hard on some of those steep segments!

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  2. Love this!💕👍🏻

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  3. Feelin like a kid again! Is the weather always that nice over there?

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    1. Yes. Pretty much. That’s why I moved to Colorado 30 years ago😊


  4. Sounds absolutely wonderful and love how that excitement hasn’t died down at all! Hope you had a great time! 😁

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  5. Yay Dwight! :). I had a big grin on my face just reading the post!

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