Find that little wild grin again!

When was the last time you dared greatly? Maybe you’ll say something like, once when I was younger and foolish, I did this…I did that..

Were you foolish or is it the wise setting back observing who are foolish? Unable to do this or that with many excuses of this or that. What new lessons could be experienced .. if only?

For you didn’t know all the rules and if you did you threw them aside with your middle finger and followed the roar of your soul!

“Marred by dust and sweat and blood”, reread that and sit with it. You were alive with much life.

It’s never to late to get back into the arena.

Dare greatly and that little grin will come back,


6 responses to “Find that little wild grin again!”

  1. Love it! Great start to my morning! 😊

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  2. So true, what would it take to have that courage of pure innocence back? That would be a joy!

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  3. I love this post.
    And as I always say better regret to have done something than not to, or else you ll never know what would be.

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  4. Funny. Just thinking the same thing.

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