Not Today!

Some days you can just start feeling that wave slowly building up trying to sneak up and crash down on you.

Your spider senses start to tingle and deja vu comes to mind.

Not today! I’m stopping you right in your tracks and shutting you DOWN.

Frick you! I’m not buying what your laying down.

I’m going to have a kick ass day instead!



11 responses to “Not Today!”

  1. Here is to a KICK ASS day 💪👊👏

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    1. It was a good day. Got a workout in, walked the dogs, and took a ride into the mountains to an old mining area where I hiked beneath a beautiful Colorado blue sky.😊

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      1. Oh that sounds fabulous. I want to visit Colorado one day. It seems like a beautiful place.

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  2. Oh the familiarity of this!! And that’s the attitude that brings magic!

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    1. It does indeed. Thank you for your support❤️

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  3. I am glad to read you did have a good day!

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  4. oddly, i often picture Rocky in this scene , even after the most mundane of successes. It will forever hold a place of sentiment to me. Kick ass…and keep on rock!!

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    1. Thanks Lovie, right back at you!


  5. Love this! It is SO all right to just shut that down! Have a great and grateful day–

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