You aren’t alone

With the holidays coming up I wanted to get this Truth out to you.


You are loved.

You are love.

It’s your birthright from Spirit, and Spirit never leaves us on this journey. It is within and also around us always. Spirit to you may be described as Love, God, Great Spirit, Allah,… The key is it’s that knowing within your soul and behind everything. A Oneness. All you need to do is sit, get out of your head, and let your heart reconnect to this love and feel the light from within start to glow.

Next, the best way to feel this love is to give love and spread joy. This time of year there are plenty of organizations asking for toys for children who are in need. Also don’t forget our elders. Check your local newspaper or local news. Call a senior center to see what you could do. There’s still time to send out cards and home made cards are the best! Get off your butt (saying this lovingly) and spread some joy.

Lastly, put up some decorations, snap a picture, and post it here. We are here for you and have plenty of love to wrap you in.



12 responses to “You aren’t alone”

  1. Good reminders on this rainy Sunday morning, Dwight. Take care!

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    1. Thanks, Becky. We’ve got snow and am enjoying it still being dark out, my tree lights are on, my 3 dogs are snoring, and the coffee is good. Feeling grateful😊

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  2. Snow! I miss that so much. But raining here is good, too. Thanks for the lovely post, Dwight. 😊

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  3. Lovely post. Very jealous of the snow, havent seen any in a good few years ♡

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  4. i keep trying to stay positive..if not then at least not spiral down. It’s just ..grr..state went on lockdown again till January and still many aren’t listening which is discouraging and foreboding..i willlllllll keep trying….thank you so much for the good vibes…

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    1. Be true to that voice within. You have had many experiences and learned from them all. If something doesn’t seem right..take note. You my friend are full of beautiful light.

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  5. This is lovely, Dwight. Thank you.💕

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  6. This is perfect!!! Thank you for this. I love how you included Allah and Spirits. Bless your sweet soul my friend. 🖤

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    1. Thank you, glad we connected😊

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  7. No snow here, but sure we don’t lack in rain😉and as unhandy it can be I love it’s sound🥰

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    1. Very peaceful isn’t it😊

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