It may have started with a …

The Scream by Edvard Munch

* Sometimes our stories are worth reviewing when new discoveries are made.

I’ve realized the path I’m currently on very well may have started here in many ways. At that particular time though, I was just trying to survive.

Laying next to my soon to be my ex-wife I had the dream. In it I walked in the door and saw her face full of terror. She pointed around the corner. A knowing was present that whatever it was it was beyond the most frightful monster ever seen. I focused on the wall where the corner started and RAN to it, around it, and focussed my eyes right on its dark eyes and SCREAMED the loudest scream of my Life.

It was at that point I finally awoke. Hiding was no longer an option.

I often think back to that night and that dream. It was the awkward stage where you’re still living together…I knew the life I had been living had ended. It was literally crashing down on me. I was in hell. There is a huge part of me that is so proud I faced the monster back then. In my hero’s story the scream was my soul roaring back to life!

Much love to you who faced your “monster”. Much love to you who are in the process now.

We often can’t see the new light that is coming. All I can say is it is coming my friend. Trust and keep the faith.


17 responses to “It may have started with a …”

  1. i still share a room with my monster(s) and fight them every day. I do know that eventually though they will leave….they have before..i just need the right bait & traps..

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    1. There you go, indeed!

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  2. Great post Dwight…trust and keep the faith! Yes…oh yes…💗

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  3. For me it’s learning time and time again that the monster is my own self-loathing. It causes me to do all kinds of self-sabotaging things. But sobriety keeps it easier to see what’s happening, and it helps me love myself a whole lot more, even while recognizing my own fallibility. Dreams are so powerful hey Dwight? You’ve helped me remember a few of my own — the positive ones as well the scary. Thanks for sharing. 💛

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    1. Indeed they are! 😊


  4. Thank you, Dwight. I needed this today. 😊💕

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    1. Big hugs, Leafy🤗

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      1. You remember you are love, you are loved❤️

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    2. Hope you are well my friend…how are you doing?

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      1. There’s some family-related stress in my life right now, but I’m ok. Thanks for checking in! I know it’s been a million years since I posted. I’ll post soon. 😊

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  5. I read your post a few times before commenting. My monsters are snakes. So at a few points of my life I have felt helpless and trapped. I would have these dreams of all these little snakes surrounding me, not letting me out of a house per-say or once I was on a lily pad in a pond and the snakes were surrounding me. For a long time I woke up terrified. Just grossed out and why would I be dreaming this? I hate snakes. One thing though, they never bit me, just surrounded me. Then as I started to get true to myself and making myself better I started having the dreams again, but I faced all those snakes. Like mind game faced them and walked out of that house that they surrounded me in ( and they let me ) and I found another lily pad to jump onto and they just “let me” jump away.
    Really crazy how we really need to listen to our dreams. Thank you for your post. Reminds me how good I am doing improving myself and thankful for friends like you! You are awesome sauce!

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    1. That’s so wild! Love how you’re now able to walk out. By the way I hate snakes too! You are doing great my friend.😊

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      1. It is so wild! And I still hate snakes! 😂 If I even see a little garter snake in my back yard I scream a higher octave then Mariah Carey and run into the next county! 😂

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  6. Dreams are so contrary to real life. During the last year of my first marriage, I had recurring dreams of death – generally my own. They were not terrifying dreams but they were disturbing. After I left the situation, these dreams stopped. I once read that dreams about death are actually relative to the end of a difficult situation. 😊

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    1. That makes total sense. They’re definitely interesting to review especially the reoccurring ones.

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      1. When I have a particularly vivid dream I check Dream Moods Dictionary (on the internet) for the really outstanding details. It is amazing how dead on they are at times.

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  7. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    Much respect for those who face their monster. Many choose to hide or deny, until a lifetime has passed. You are a knight, a dragon-slayer. 💛🌟

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