YOU have the POWER over how YOU respond to LIFE

Before I start I’m asking for all of my superheroes to go check out and follow my friend at Rock Bottom To Sky High who is currently on their sober journey. Thank you.

*This is going to come across grandiose and pompous. I get it. Fire away.

Going to jump right into this! So I completely get that life will happen and it may suck and it may not be fair at all. Some things are indeed beyond our control. I’m acknowledging that but that’s not what I want to discuss here today. What I’m talking about in this post is your RESPONSE to the fuckness that YOU caused in your life. Yes YOU!

Many of us, including myself, have going through life pointing our finger outwards while screaming how unfair life is. What we won’t admit though is our role in life. What actions have you done that basically led you to the life you’re currently living? No, yah buts, …!! Forget that shit. Get real with yourself and ask yourself how do I show up for life. How do I RESPOND when the shit hits the fan. Do I hide in bed under the pillow or do I face the sucky music, shoulders back, and trembling. Trembling is okay. It’s part of Courage.

You might be saying I get it, but my situation is hopeless. I’m different. I’ve “tried” and nothing works.

  • Life just doesn’t like me?
  • Really? Life intended you here my friend!

Here’s some small things I practice that may help you improve the life you’re creating:

  • Start by making your damn bed (click to watch). Yep. Watch that video. It all starts there in the morning, right? What you’re doing is saying I’m choosing to start my day off with order. I’m going to show up. I am worthy. And as you’re making it and bitching about how it sucks that you have to make your bed everyday, you will soon reap the benefits as you come into your bedroom through out the day and especially when you come to bed at night. Make your bed.
  • Clean your house. I’m so tired and just don’t have the energy. Nobody ever helps me. Do it anyway! If your life is shit and you look around and all you see is shit scattered around well, duh, you have definitely contributed to that whole shitness.
  • Along the same lines – every time you get into the car to go to work does doom and dread prevail? Take a look around your car. Is there 6 bags of McDonalds wrappers in the backseat. Is there graham crackers from your kid scattered all over the seats. What about all those coffee spills, water bottles, and junk you never took out of it? What about the outside. When was the last time you washed and waxed it? This again is how you’re starting your day. This is the environment that YOU created or if nothing else YOU accept. Clean your car.
  • Everything is just piling up, it’s all to overwhelming! – Get organized. Buy the filing container, folders, and start labeling them and putting things away. Before putting them away – ACT. If it’s a bill, pay it. If it’s a response to call an entity – call them. It gets overwhelming when we don’t do shit.
  • Life’s been unfair and given me all these health issues. – how have your actions contributed to them my friend? What have you done to keep yourself healthy? If you do only one thing do this – get outside and walk. I don’t have the energy, it’s raining…go for a frickin walk anyways.
  • I’m always broke. Life just wants me to keep me down – wrong wrong wrong. You created many of these financial messes. Yes YOU. Your choices were wrong. All these fuck it’s, I deserve its, creates debt. Shopping can be an addiction to escape the ugliness you created in your life. It can be an endless circle. Also keeping up with the Jones or creating a wealthy show for family and friends is dumb. Check out if you need advice in this area of your life.
  • I have no friends. – make some! Get out of your doom and gloom comfort zone. Start a walking group or local Facebook group around an activity you and others enjoy. Also, when was the last time you called your friends? I’m waiting for them to call me…they never call me. Just frickin call them. We have no idea, no idea, and I mean no idea, what’s going on in other peoples lives and a call from you might just be what you both need.
  • When faced with an uncomfortable situation do what your gut is telling you to do. For example, if someone is in the hospital terminal or not knowing what is wrong and you feel very uncomfortable going and “dealing” with it, but your soul is saying go – well then GO. GO. Show up for others. You can’t imagine how much that means to the one’s going through tough times and also to the loved ones of those folks. Go go go. You will build up that character gene my friends.

I’ll stop there for now. You get the point that yes we indeed have created much of the fuckness of our life and by understanding that we also understand we have the power to unfuck ourselves. (thanks Lex, click to watch)

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This is the part of your movie when you stand up and become the Hero of your life,


*This was hopefully a loving kick in the ass. You may still be grumbling …yah but my situation is different… I hope not!

  • Yep Lovie had to throw in the hero video : )

14 responses to “YOU have the POWER over how YOU respond to LIFE”

  1. I really love this Dwight. It seems to me everywhere I look is “excuse culture” – for people to not get a job even though they are abundant, to not take advantage of programs because there is too much paperwork, to basically not do anything because they are feeling anxious that day. I read so much about life in other cultures and during historical times of war – people don’t appreciate how easy we have it.

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    1. It is a trip for sure how we can end up creating our own messes. I definitely use to fall into that routine and admittedly still do at times. Small increments in showing up daily definitely help. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for your support, Kelly😊


  2. You are defo kicking some ass Dwight! I agree though, I do a lot of whining and complaining and heading down my own little rabbit hole of hell! If I get up and get at it I can, most days, turn it around. Thanks for the ass kicking 🤗😆😊

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    1. My pleasures…. Bah hah hah hah🤪

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  3. Good reminders, Dwight. Have a great weekend!

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  4. Sometimes, what we need is tough love! 😊

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  5. Thanks for the support! 🙌 and great post … going to take some action around these suggestions

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    1. You’re very welcome. Plenty of great support here on WP. If you check out some of my posts on sobriety go into the comments and start following those folks. That’s what I did when I started. Like a anything else the more love and support you give – the more you will receive.😊🦋


  6. Love this post! You know me, I need a good kick in the ass sometimes! 🤣😂 But seriously I love how this is written, right to the point. It’s like my favorite morning quote, “Make today your Bitch.” 😁😇 You are definitely my superhero Dwight! 💪🏻☺️ Oh and I know you told me once before but I forgot, I clicked on Rock Bottom To Sky High’s name but I don’t see a follow button? One of these years I’ll get WP figured out……maybe….😆

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    1. Glad you liked it, Jackie. I might of had too many coffees before writing it🤪. If you’re using the app and our in reader you can use the search to find Rock bottom to sky high and from there you should see a follow button. WP doesn’t make it easy or I’m just not sending the link out right. Heading out to go mountain biking so you better get outside too and get moving!💯👍🤗

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      1. Got it! Thank you!!!! Awesome on mountain biking!! I’ve been a busy 🐝 this morning but totally going to get that cardio in! Can’t let ya get ahead of me today! 😂😉😂😉

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  7. Thanks so much, Dwight. I really needed a good ass kicking right about now. 😊

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    1. I did too. We’re going to have a kick ass upcoming week! 👍

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  8. yup yup and yup…agree with all of this and sounds like you have read many of the same books i have read over the years( i especially loved “UnF*ck Yourself” accent was an awesome bonus if you listen to the cd book version. And yup..i still watch that video!

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